Five Unique Ways Australian Businesses Can Foster Teamwork

We see examples all the time of businesses with great teamwork and fantastic cultures. There are plenty of examples throughout Australia of these environments. Let’s outline five ways you can foster teamwork in your business.

Team building activities help improve internal communication and productivity, boost morale and encourage teamwork. The end result is higher productivity, and improved profits. What’s not to love about better financials and a happy team?

From the software company in Sydney, to the IT firm in Perth, hundreds of small businesses are getting great returns from their team and improving morale. Let’s look at five unique ways you can improve teamwork within your own business.

Volunteer for a charity

Find a local charity who needs people to man their soup kitchen, hold fundraising events or even just shake a tin on the sidewalk. This gives your team a great sense of working together, and working for a worthy cause – bonus!

Icebreaker games

You can welcome new employees, or just start off long meetings by playing an icebreaker game. A common icebreaker game is choosing a few icebreaker questions from a bowl or a hat, and taking turns asking the question.

Play some sports

Face it; nobody likes to be indoors, chained to a desk every day of the week. There are plenty of team building activities that revolve around sport, some physical and some less so. Activities like ten pin bowling, wall climbing and even sport events like soccer and rugby not only encourage staff to work as a team but it is also a good encouragement to a healthy lifestyle.

Share a meal

Instead of going to a restaurant and paying a pretty sum for a meal, why not arrange for everyone to bring in a dish, and have a meal in the staff room or on the office balcony? This is a great way for people to share a meal with little to no costs.

Play a board game

Work really does not have to be serious all the time. Why not have a Friday afternoon board game challenge, where employees bring in their favourite board game from home?

Try looking into games like Othello, Scrabble or Monopoly – these games are classics, and the majority of your employees will know how to play them.

In Summary

Australian businesses can foster teamwork by using one of these five team building activities that are both fun and challenging. The end result is improved employee performance and productivity at the workplace.

Go forth and organise your next team building event soon – just make sure that the team will actually gain clear benefits from their efforts.


About the Author

Lauren Clarke is one of the friendly team at Australian employee engagement survey startup, 6Q.

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