Top 10 Australian Software Products for June 2019

We had another big month in August. During last month, we had 9,259 unique visitors create 20,281 page views. That’s a lot of exposure!

So what were they looking at? Here’s the answer – the Top 10 Australian Software Products for last month, August 2019, by traffic in descending order from position one with the most interest, to position 10.

You can click on the product name to read more about them, and encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about what they do.

Top 10 Australian Software Products


Digivizer (Marketing)
In first place, is Digivizer. Digivizer helps businesses investing in digital marketing programs on Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, better understand their audiences and the performance of their content.

Agriwebb (Agriculture)
In second place this month is Agriwebb. Agriwebb helps Australian farmers solve management problems and trading inefficiencies in livestock production.

Mobble (Agriculture)
Making the Top 10 again is Mobble. This agriculture software helps farmers across Australia and New Zealand simplify their on-farm record keeping.

Docmosis (Communications)
In fourth position in our top 10 is Docmosis. Docmosis allows you to quickly and easily add document generation and reporting to your software application.

Sajari (Business Intelligence)
Sajari is based on a new type of search index called a neural index, which is constantly changing and adapting to improve searches and recommendations automatically.

Vend (Accounting)
Coming in at number six, is Australian retail software, Vend. Vend is a retail POS (Point of Sale) system, that allows shop owners to sell, manage, report and grow your retail business.

OpenLearning (Education)
Open Learning allows educators to deliver effective, engaging and transformative courses on a global scale, using a next-generation online learning platform, teaching resources and 24-hour support so that you can focus on what matters most: creating empowering learning experiences for your students.

Reporting Rhino (Marketing)
In eighth place is Reporting Rhino, which turns difficult to understand Google Analytics reports into weekly white label emails for digital agencies to provide to their customers.

Buzd (Business Intelligence)
Buzd is like Google Analytics for Physical Locations; delivering information about your customers that has never been accessible before, helping businesses improve their sales and engagement.

Siteminder (Business Management)
The platform who did and amazing 72.6 million bookings last year, Siteminder pioneered online room distribution for a flat monthly fee to make it affordable for all hotels.


So there you have it; our Top 10 Australian software by traffic for the month of August 2019.

Well done to the teams behind these great innovative software products – we’re proud to have you listed on the Australian Software Guide!

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