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One of the biggest mistakes I see people make about the first business blog post that they publish on their brand-new blog, is simply the fact that they forget that the blog that they’re writing is not actually about them; it’s about the readers.

A lot of times we will kind of gravitate towards writing a blog post about “you know why I started this blog?” or “how I got here” about the author themselves. What you want to do is you want your very first business blog post to be all about inspiring them and guiding them and helping them.

Here’s my advice for you. Grab a pen and paper, and you’re going to want to write down your niche. You never want to forget what it is you are writing about and who it is you are targeting. Trust me, that sounds very simple however it’s very easy to get distracted and to write about other topics that don’t work in with your brand.

Make sure that you are very clear in defining who it is you’re targeting and what it is you want to teach. The second thing you’re going to want to do, is write down three things that everyone who is in that niche should know. So if you are writing about personal finance, and somebody comes to you and says I don’t know anything about finance, I’m a beginner I don’t know how to plan my finances or I don’t know how to create a budget, what should I do?

That’s what you’re going to want to write about; write a list of three things that every person wanting to create a budget should know, and then you’ll write blog posts about those things.

The third thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that every single one of the three blog posts that you’re writing creates a very comfortable and safe learning environment. When you think about it, most bloggers, not all of them however, most successful bloggers are less journalists and more teachers.

What we’re doing is we’re taking a category or taking a niche that we’re really passionate about and we’re creating this safe learning environment for you to learn how to master whatever that category is.

If you’re writing about how to choose personal finance software or how to do a tax return or maybe it’s how to invest in real estate, whatever it is, you want to make sure that you use a tone and vocabulary that makes the reader feel like you are approachable and yet an expert at the same time.

You want the reader to feel like this is a blog they want to keep visiting, because you’re enthusiastic about teaching them.

You want to be very clear and defined and everything’s all spelt out, especially if you’re in that sort of niche. You will also want to focus on establishing your authority and that you really know what you’re talking about.

So again, be very clear and don’t leave anything out. You want to break things down, however you also want to make sure that you don’t make the topic so overwhelming that they lose interest. Your readers should leave your blog feeling like they have learnt something, or feeling they have the inspiration to accomplish it later at a different time.

If you want to be successful, if you want to grow business, you’re not going to be doing it by only taking the best photos or only having the best social media strategy. It really is how you make your readers feel. Let me give a quick example. So let’s pretend that we’re in the software category and our niche is all about business software, because let’s be honest, that’s a great niche.

Maybe the first blog post that you would write about, is all about the different types of software packages that are out there and then what’s really good or what’s won awards, etc. I know that there are different types of software categories and that some are probably best for different sized businesses, and different geographies, so you want to teach somebody who’s new at choosing business software, the right things to look for, and make them feel confident in that.

You need to explain to them you know all about the different types of software license management and what would work best for their situation. The second business blog post I would probably write would be something like the five most popular finance software packages that you need to know.

For a topic for a third business blog post, I would probably write about something like business management styles, or something a little more general, to encourage non-software business owners in. So these are three blog posts ideas which you can adapt to whatever niche that you are writing about, or publishing for, to continue.

Now go ahead and start blogging – all the best of luck!

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