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The Benefits of Starting an Online Business in Australia

Are you tired of working that second job? Are you in need of additional income, however you have ruled out a second job? Perhaps you are just tired of working to make someone else rich and longing for an at-home income producing method? Maybe you’ve considered starting a business in your home however can’t come up with an idea. “What can I do?” you’ve asked yourself, whilst never really finding an answer.

Well, there have been thousands of people who have asked that same question of themselves – and found an answer. You can do it too! You might be closer to achieving financial freedom than you think.

Of all the innovations, inventions, discoveries and developments in the history of mankind there are four that have completely altered the way that humankind and the world community interrelated:

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The first was before recorded time – the formation of language. Allowing one person to communicate with another. Hence, the creation of a community.

The second was between 5,000-6,000 years ago – the development of written language. Allowing humans to pass knowledge down through the generations, allowing for the accumulation of knowledge.

The third was in 1440 AD with the invention of the printing press. Affording the ability to cheaply and quickly mass produce books, making them available to the whole population – the dissemination of knowledge.

The fourth is now, and the Internet. The ability to communicate with the world in a key stroke – the creation of the world community.

At the end of last century, in December 1999, there were approximately 73 million websites on the Internet. Today, in 2020, the total number of users worldwide is well into the billions, across the globe.

The business world has benefited immensely from the evolution of the internet and created a new medium for businesses. It has enabled new business ideas to flourish online and for traditional business models to break new ground. It has not only facilitated communications between businesses and consumers, however most importantly between individuals themselves.

For those wanting to gain an instant business presence, the internet is a direct portal to millions of users and potential customers around the world. An online business in Australia can attract new customers in the USA and UK, just as easily as in the next suburb.

This new business opportunity, is opening the doors for new business ventures to be initiated. The internet is utilised on a frequent basis for business research, shopping, personal correspondence, social interactions, entertainment, listening to radio, and communications and information-sharing and various functions of every description… and the best part is it’s on all year-long.

The recent pandemic crisis helped to quickly accelerate the shift in retailing to the Internet. In fact, many e-retailers see a big opportunity for retail websites to appeal to increasingly price-conscious consumers at a time when physical stores are cutting back on staff and inventory, or disappearing altogether.

Consumers are buying everything from groceries to clothing to home appliances to flights and furniture and are spending billions upon billions online every year.

As of February 2019, 80.8% of people in Australia are shopping online and very soon one out of every ten items will be purchased off ecommerce stores. By 2021, the ecommerce market penetration rate will reach 85.2%, and the number of Australians buying online will be 22 million.

Wouldn’t you like to be earning a percentage of this spending? How many times have you recommended a book a restaurant, a movie, or a store to a friend, family member, or business associate? You’ve been doing this for years. You could be simply doing this with your own products and getting paid for it. The key is telling, not selling.

And at every step along the way there are those who have gained power and gathered riches. Those were the people who were at the right place at the right time. However more importantly, they were the ones who knew when the right idea, concept or opportunity had come their way and capitalised on it.

Timing favours those venturing into this new realm as quickly as possible, and as smartly as possible. New online business opportunities abound, and the people who stumbled during the first net gold rush, are scrambling to make sure they don’t miss the second one.

There is no doubt that you’ve heard all kinds of hype about online businesses and how millions of dollars are being made online. If you’re like most people, you’re probably more than a little suspicious about all you’ve heard and find it easy to pass it off as so much nonsense. Fortunately, you’d be wrong.

In general, starting a traditional business is demanding, quite often requiring expertise in many fields. As well as access to start-up capital. This is the major obstacle to entrepreneurship. However, starting an online business involves much less overhead and bureaucracy than a traditional brick and mortar business, or service related business, which means significantly less risk and barriers involved.

Moreover, it is by far the cheapest, easiest, and quickest route to entrepreneurship; while avoiding the hard selling of products, hiring of employees, maintenance of local state regulations, or attaining business licenses.

The biggest benefit of having an online business in Australia is something called passive residual income. This is when you’ve established your online presence to the point where money is continually being generated from your business with little to no effort involved.

Essentially, you’re earning money even while you sleep. All online. And the best of all, you are in control. Some other benefits include: schedule freedom, no commute, can be in two places at once, and unlimited income potential.

Now that you’ve read this, I can assume that you elected to start an online business or have already started one. Perhaps you don’t have an idea or niche for an online business in Australia yet, however hopefully, I’ve got you thinking. Thinking is good.

I am sure that you will come up with a great idea. Or maybe you’ve got a pretty good idea, however you’re probably a little scared to try it. A little fear is fine. It’ll help you think things through and plan carefully. And that’s fine too, as long as you remember that thinking will not overcome the fear-action will.

It’s time to realise our web-based income potential and stake our claim on what is the ongoing future of business and commerce – the Internet, and consider starting and running an online business in Australia.


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