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3 Reasons Why Software is a Must for Smarter Workplace Safety Management

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that there are many barriers preventing business owners and people managers from implementing stronger workplace safety practices.

Certainly one of the most common is the perceived complexity of health and safety legislation – it’s not always easy to navigate or clearly interpret.

But also at the top of the list is sustainability of the practices you put in place.

Indeed, many businesses, at many points in time, decide it’s about time to seriously get on top of safety. At that point, safety finds it’s way onto the agenda at one of the planning meetings. A great start. Someone takes the reigns. They come up with some goals. Now we’re getting somewhere. And they even delegate some tasks, and get some traction. Excellent! But then… safety drops off the radar. Again.

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This happens time and time again.

This is why software for health and safety management is an absolute must for any business that wants to take safety seriously. It really does help to assure of strong health and safety management that continues to be practiced well beyond that initial – and very well meaning – intention.

“After identifying what good safety practices look like for a business, the challenge is often how does the business establish a way to ensure that the relevant people perform the assigned activities, when scheduled?”

– Craig Salter, Founder, Safety Champion Software

Online safety software allows any business to experience the long-term benefits of a functioning and effective safety management system. Here are the top 3 ways it does just that;

The Ability to Set and Forget

We’re not saying that safety software allows you to forget safety completely. But what you can forget is remembering to complete the tasks you need to complete to keep safety on track and in accordance with your safety program.

Safety software will allow you to plan out your safety work, schedule recurring tasks, delegate items to responsible departments or teams, set email reminders, implement pre-established workflows, easily see overdue tasks, and oversee the whole thing from a nice and easy dashboard to ensure everything is on track.

Online safety software systems help you keep your safety program moving over time. Plan, review, and improve – perfect!

“As a manager or owner, how do you monitor your safety program, without creating unnecessary administration, or moving down a pathway of micro-management? Safety software makes this part easy.”

– Craig Salter, Founder, Safety Champion Software

Access to Data Analytics and Insights

The value of having data available to you cannot be underestimated. This helps you see trends – perhaps in the kind of incidents that are being reported or a particular department that isn’t keeping up with their inspections – and identify areas that can be improved.

This is what health and safety is all about – recognising the ways that people might get hurt, and managing the risk of those things occurring.

You can draw insights from the data captured through an online safety management software, then refocus your efforts in health and safety to address the biggest areas of need first.

These kinds of insights can be pivotal to ensure you are spending time, money and resources in the right areas – the areas that will really help increase the safety of your people.

A Continued System Despite Staff Movements

In this day and age, people move on from workplaces and jobs a lot faster than they used to – sometimes every year or two. So, what happens with safety management when your team members move on?

Having an established software system, in which all elements of your safety program are neatly stored, makes managing staff movements easier. If your OHS Manager, Jenny, leaves the business, it’s an easy switch to your new OHS Manager to pick up where she left off with safety software. No lost files on Jenny’s computer, no messy paperwork stored somewhere but you don’t know where, no intricate processes that you need to get her to document and hand over.

Plus, a high quality safety software will allow you to assign tasks to work groups or departments, instead of individual staff members. This way, if a person leaves the business, all the associated responsibilities managed through the software can remain in place, ready for the next person in that role to pick up. No lost data or tasks as users move on!

So, you can see that even if people leave the business, the safety management system, the progress, the reports, the evidence all remain in place, safely in one place!


When you think about it, it really is easy to see the benefits of health and safety management software for smarter safety management. Try Safety Champion Software’s Go Free plan as a great entry point to experience the benefits of safety software, without the big investment.


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