How to Increase Salon Client Retention Rate With Software

How to Increase Salon Client Retention Rate With Software

The main goal of any salon is to attract new clients. Obviously, on this measure, the salon succeeds.

But in reality, nothing makes the salon more business than the old customers.

The existing or old clients majorly have the chances to offer more business deals and improve the customer base.

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Never forget, expanding and growing your Salon’s customer base is the most wonderful thing. Did you know that by improving your customer retention rate, you can also significantly increase your revenue?

And, as a Salon business owner, this is what you thrive for!! Right?

Hence, it is essential to follow the right solution and the right approach to retain customers. There are many salon software products in the market that are known for providing efficient results. So, to improve customer rate, adopting a Salon management software is a worthy deal.

Before jumping directly on knowing how this solution can be the best strategy for, first find out what Customer retention rate is?

What is Customer Retention Rate?

Customer retention rate (CRR) is influenced by the number of attracted potential and existing customers who no longer purchase products, unsubscribe from mailings or close contracts. It helps the Salon know audience loyalty and customer service.

Based on this metric, you can find out different ways to improve your services. Customer retention is important to a brand for a number of reasons. Know-how below:

●     Reduces marketing costs

It costs 5x more to attract a new customer than to retain one. Thus, customers who are already interacting with Salon’s products and services reduce marketing costs. In addition, existing consumers are already familiar with the brand’s products, so marketers spend much less time on customer support.

●     Promotes repeat sales

Existing customers are more likely to purchase new products or services from the Salon. However, a customer will only be loyal if they trust the brand. It is important that the Salon is providing customers with the best shopping experience compared to the competition.

●     Word of mouth advertising

Loyal and happy customers are the free word of mouth advertising. Existing customers are more likely to tell their family and friends about the Salon, its products and services. And given that people respect the opinions of loved ones, they are likely to listen to their advice, especially if they are in search.

The statistics say that 46% of customers receive brand information from family members, and 45% from friends. Moreover, 92% of buyers trust the opinions of loved ones more than ordinary advertising. Existing customers increase the brand’s audience and increase loyalty. The buyers attracted by the brand advocates are cheaper, and their level of loyalty is significantly higher than that of other clients.

●     Allows you to receive feedback

Existing customers provide valuable feedback to help your brand perform better. According to the survey, 97% of shoppers are most loyal to the brand that listens to their feedback. And 55% of the respondents said that they do not want to remain customers of a company that ignores their opinions and wishes.

Through ongoing engagement with the Salon, existing customers can tell more about the service’s weaknesses. To know their suggestions, you can contact them at any time. Implementing customer feedback helps the Salon to improve its marketing strategies and customer service, resulting in higher sales and increased customer retention.

●     Increases profits from selling premium products

Existing customers are less aware of product prices compared to new customers. Regular customers already value the Salon, they know the quality of its goods and services, so they are ready to pay more.

Why Salon Software to improve customer retention rate?

The Salon management software is a tool that is used to increase satisfaction by tracking the entire history of customer interactions. It includes many impeccable features via which not the Salons’ operations streamlined but, the customer satisfaction rate also improves.

You can use the software to track the points that customers have earned in your loyalty program, etc. CRM provides many operational as well as customer retention benefits. When all customer information and customer interactions are stored in one place, it becomes much easier to ensure a consistent and positive experience.

Salon Software and Customer retention

The software solution is one of the most powerful customer retention tools. In fact, it can increase retention rates by up to 27% if shared by sales, marketing, and customer service.

For example, sales managers receive information when closing deals, and this data is stored in the customer profile in software. When a customer asks for a service request, a support person can open their profile and view the information that the sales manager has entered. The customer service employee will know what products and services the customer has been using and for how long, how often they make purchases in your stores and any other information that will help form a dialogue with this customer.

While the customer is communicating with your support team, the customer service staff may also collect data. They can capture the needs and goals of customers and pass this information on to the sales team. This will help managers increase sales by offering related products or services, and also identify customers who may go to competitors.

How Software helps in increasing the customer retention rate?

Customer loyalty program

A customer loyalty program is an easy way to increase customer retention. When a customer receives additional value – for example, through a points system or a VIP reward program – for purchase from your Salon, the next time they are unlikely to go to a competitor.

Moreover, loyalty programs allow you to reward more than just loyalty. You can reward customers for other useful activities, such as writing reviews, sending recommendations to friends, and reposting on social media. These are just a few of the many ways you can motivate your customers and reward them for helping to grow your business.

Customer service

A customer service system is also a feature added to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. This system includes an influential customer support system. It allows you to quickly and efficiently resolve customer problems, with several key benefits.

What is the main advantage of the support system? It provides a personalised experience. You can quickly and easily resolve the issue and get a regular customer. The live chat allows you to communicate with customers in real-time. Clients, these days do not want to wait and with an online consultant is a direct connection, the clients get satisfied easily.

Pre-book Appointments

Allow your customers to schedule the appointments prior they leave your Spa or Salon. Generally, they improve their probability to visit your Salon. This implies that they are not waiting until they need an appointment before calling and have to wait for many weeks to have the required opening.

Tell everything related to pre-booking to the customers, such as assuring them they will be provided with the services with proper timing and satisfaction.


There are many customers who cannot tell you that they are not satisfied with the services. This usually happens when they are truly happy with the service at real-time, but, after some time, they realise that this is not what they need. Most of the time, they might not tell you and allow you to fix it.

But, they will prefer to move to some other Salon and decide not to return to you. Or what worse could be- they can place negative comments about you on social media. Hence, it is better to take regular follow-ups from the customers just after taking the services. It makes them believe that you value them and care about their likes and dislikes.

Wrapping Up

Do not forget, customer retention is the key to your Salon growth. It is not enough to attract potential customers with quality content or by promising them a great deal.

Now, in order to stand out in a strong competitive environment, the Salons need to retain customers by offering them a successful experience.

Accordingly, they will recommend your brand name to their friends and become brand loyalists. This is how your brand value will increase!!

Author Bio:
Zin Lang Liu is associated with Salonist, a smart salon software for all types of beauty wellness industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software.


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