Project Management 101 - a Skill Everyone Should Know

Somebody rightly said: The “P” in Project management is as much about “People” management as it is about Project management. Project Management 101 isn’t just about managing projects and meeting deadlines. It’s a skill about handling people from different origins, guiding and promoting teamwork. And as we all know that handling people from distinct backgrounds isn’t an easy task.

Project management is a practice of executing a project with the available resources or budget. This is an important element of a company or a group because it affects debit and credit of a company and interacts with client requirements and satisfaction.

Project Management teaches leadership qualities and helps a person to grow mentally and emotionally which ultimately leads you to become a better person.

Before digging more into this topic we shall know the basic definition:

  1. What is a project?
  2. What is project management 101?
  3. Who is the project manager?

What Is a Project?

In a simple language project is a task or a onetime assignment which has to be accomplished in a given time period by an individual or group of people. Completing a project takes a lot of efforts like initiating, planning, executing and monitoring.

A single project takes a strategy from proper mapping to executing of a plan and fulfilling all the requirements.

What Is Project Management 101?

Project management 101 is basically solving the puzzle or complexity of a project and providing a clear vision to a group. Project management involves three components which are: time, plan and budget. Every project requires different tools and techniques.

In the 1950s two forefathers of project management Henry Gantt and Henri Fayol who were famous for Gantt chart and latter one for his five management functions often called Fayolism.

Five primary functions of Project Management identified by Fayol are:

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Commanding
  • Coordinating
  • Controlling

Who Is a Project Manager?

Before answering this question we should know who is the leader?

Leader is one who guides others logically and effectively which leads to an accomplishment of a goal. This definition of a leader totally defines project manager.

Project managers are the strong leaders of a group who take initiative and are goal oriented. They are responsible, risk takers and good communicators who know how to handle and motivate other team members. They make a well structured plan with the required knowledge and also help others to grow as a person. They work as a team leader who tells others what to do and what not.

Project manager isn’t only a position at a workplace. We can find project managers in schools and colleges. Usually when the groups were made for a particular assignment or project in colleges/schools the project leaders were selected by the teachers because they knew which student had the required skills and knowledge. Project management is certainly a difficult task but this skill can help students to enhance their overall personality.

What Skills Can One Learn From Project Management 101?

Modern Project Management tools include work breakdown structure and resource allocation. Work breakdown structure is a process of breaking down a project into smaller units and resources can be achieved through various means. Students should learn about project management at the school level because it helps them to grow skills like:

Taking Initiative

A person who initiates shows the sense of responsibility and quality of taking risk. Initiative is all about taking the first step towards a goal and road mapping for other members of a group.

Effective Planning-

The famous quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and i will spend the first four sharpening the axe”- Abraham Lincoln. This quote tells us the importance of planning and strategies. Effective planning is distributing work according to the capability of all members.

Proper Schedule

Projects can be complex and breaking them into smaller tasks can provide us with the clear vision. Making a schedule can minimise chaos and inbuilt the habit of prioritising work with limited time. It helps to reduce the gap between the actual work and achievable work.


Projects can be handled individually or in a group. A successful project manager always considers others point of view and promotes unity & integrity in the group.

Organising Ability

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned. Organising all resources and funds in a best manner which can help in saving time and money. Our generation values time more than money. Project management 101 clears all confusion and help in achieving goals efficiently.

Group Influencing

Group projects include people with different perspectives. Respecting everybody’s point of view and convincing the whole group what is best takes willing efforts of others to achieve a common objective.

Social Adaptability

a successful project manager works in every circumstance and who is ready to accept changes and new challenges around them. It is the quality of getting adjusted in any situation.


Former prime minister of Britain Winston Churchill once said “If you are going through hell, keep going”. That’s what determination takes from you. The quality of not giving up, pushing yourself to break all the limits and achieving the goal with the fullest potential.

In Summary

Project management 101 skills if learned at an early stage of life can help you to make better decisions in life and these are some qualities which are required at each and every step of our life.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.”
– Tony Robbins

IN 2019, The project management survey was done by IPMA(International project management association) and AIPM(Australian Institute of Project Management) with approx. 500 respondents from 57 countries which represents the perspective of project management practitioners in which they stated that according to 74% of respondents Project Management skills will be more important than today.

By learning these skills students can complete their projects/assignments productively and effectively. Project management 101 skills boost students’ self-confidence and improve their personality.


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