Best Practices of a Professional SEO Agency

You can launch a new website for your business, and you can offer your services or products online from your website. But how would you reach your potential customers? In this case, you need to hire the best SEO agency. You need to invest a lot to buy software and other tools for SEO and website designing, and you can save this cost by hiring an SEO agency.

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The definitive checklists that will help you find the best SEO agency

Title Tags

A good SEO agency will provide you with the right set of keywords, and your next move would be to work on the on-page SEO. The title tags highlight what the web page is all about. It also shows whether the page has relevant content about the keyword or not.

A good SEO agency always ensures that the title tags should be unique for every page. Make sure that there is a dash between keyword phrase and a pipe at the end of the brand before the brand name. The right character length for the title tag is 55, inclusive of space. 

Meta Description

The next best practice that an SEO provider must follow is to work on meta description. This is usually a small description of the website, and it must have keywords. A compelling meta description is important to drive high traffic to the website. Also, the meta description should be 150 to 160 characters. 

You cannot use the same meta description for all pages and you should write such descriptions with the keywords relevant to the respective landing page. In this case, you can hire an SEO agency like Supple Sydney for this job. You can also check your website ranking on their website at free of cost and you can avail their services according to their recommendation.

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Work On Content Writing

Good content can be a kingmaker for a website. But there are certain rules to follow. Every SEO provider should ensure that the content on the website is engaging and they should not use too many keywords for their content. This will help in improving the website ranking. At the same time, having well-written and updated content keeps the reader engaged, and it also helps improve the ranking of the website. Using links from other pages will also be helpful here.

An important point to remember here is that while writing the website’s content, whether it is web content or blog, it must be properly divided into paragraphs. Avoid using long paragraphs. Try to incorporate images in it and also add keywords in it while maintaining the keyword density. 

Header Tags And Keyword Phrases

It is also known as header tag or H1 tag. Make sure that you use only one keyword phrase once in the H1 tag. This must be a part of the page that you are targeting to promote. You can also use H2 tags if there are multiple sections in the content. The best SEO agency will adhere to it, and it will eventually increase website traffic. 

Image Alt Tags

The next area of focus should be the images. Yes, even the images can impact the search engine ranking. All the images should have the right alt tags. These tags are helpful in SEO and also improving accessibility. While naming the image, try to incorporate the keyword phrase in it, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. 

These are some of the best practices followed by a good SEO agency like Supple. Make sure that you do thorough research of the SEO provider and check their reviews before making a final call and they are always there on the phone to assist in our web site management.

We are glad to hear that you’re seeing real improvements from your online presence. We will keep working hard for you, so feel free to get in touch at any time for a chat.

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Mukesh Prajapati is a Digital Marketer and marketing strategist who works with Supple Sydney, a top Digital marking and website designing agency in Australia. Apart from this, he loves to write blogs on web design, SEO & internet marketing.

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