Office Management Software Businesses Needed for a Smarter Office 

COVID-19 has somewhat forced businesses to adopt new ways of working. They must now rethink and reimagine their physical office spaces and their working arrangements. With office spaces gradually opening up and allowing a certain number of employees to work in the office from time to time, businesses need to consider office management software.

Office management software help offices operate smoothly while ensuring that they are COVID-safe. As argued by this New York Times article,

“The office will become more of a consumer product. And just like every consumer product, the office will have to continually fight for its customers and meet their needs — not only when it’s time to renew the lease.”

Therefore, businesses will require smarter offices to keep employees. Office management software is the best way businesses can ensure that their offices are COVID-safe and encourage their employees to frequent their smart office.

Office management software

Prior to the pandemic, employees are all mandated to work from the office. Working from home or working remotely was a very rare sight. Moreover, offices were densely populated and deemed critical for productivity and teams to work well together.

However, when COVID-19 came rolling around, employees had no choice but to work from home. While this work arrangement has brought about many benefits, such as liberation from long commutes and greater flexibility with their time, employees are now allowed to return to the office.

This is where office management software comes in!

Office management software helps to ensure that people in offices are socially distanced, overcrowding does not happen, and employees are satisfied with their work arrangements. Some of these software includes:

Desk booking software

An example of office management software is desk booking software. A desk booking software is a workplace optimisation software that helps offices improve their space utilisation.

With a desk booking software, employees will be able to pre-book and select their seats that they want before they arrive at the office. Further, this can help offices ensure that they are COVID-safe by making sure that employees are socially distanced. It enables employees to work collaboratively with their team at a distance.

It also helps the office administrator understand the capacity of the office and make alternative arrangements. They can also view when people have left meeting rooms or common areas so that they can keep the areas clean after use.

As such, office management software like the desk booking system is considered an essential return-to-work technology.

Visitor management system

Another essential office management software is a visitor management system. A visitor management system helps to ensure that all visitors to the office are accounted for. Before going to the office, visitors will have to pre-book and register at the reception before entering.

Contact details such as name, phone number and email address may be collected for contact tracing purposes. Once a visitor arrives and is registered, employees will be notified. Like the desk booking software, a visitor management system helps to ensure no overcrowding in the office by limiting the number of visitors at each time slot.

Therefore, regardless of whether they are pen and paper or cloud-based systems, visitor management systems are essential office management software in the post COVID world.

Employee experience management software

Lastly, employee experience management software is needed to understand how employees feel. Especially since employees will be transitioning from home to office, it is important for management teams to understand how their employees are coping.

With employees returning to offices after a long time working remotely and only seeing their colleagues online, having an employee experience management software can help mitigate and resolve any conflicts.

Office administrators or management teams can also quickly know what’s on their employees’ minds and build engagement from there.

While this office management software does not directly contribute to a smarter office like the other two above, an employee experience management tool is much needed, especially in ever-changing times.

With employees coping with changes, it is crucial that businesses understand employees’ experiences and help them cope with upcoming changes.

In Summary

The transition of work arrangement from home to office will require some adjustments from employees. Having worked remotely and from home for at least the past eight months, it is crucial for businesses to adopt office management software to ensure their employees’ safety and well-being.

Tools such as desk booking software, visitor management systems and employee experience management software can be of great help to businesses in post-COVID-19 times.

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