ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification: What, Why and How

ISO certification is important as it helps make sure that the products and services of a company meet high standards. Through this, both the provider and its customer benefit equally. For instance, it signifies that a certifying body approves the quality of the company, and it allows the consumers to have peace of mind knowing that they are getting their money’s worth. The employees of a company with ISO certification benefit from it, too.

There are different types of ISO certifications in existence. One of them is the ISO 27001 certification, which is given to companies that meet the ISO 27001 standards. Especially if a company is vulnerable to a cyberattack that can compromise its operations as well as customers, the presence of the said certification is a definite must.

What the Certification Is

As mentioned earlier, this certification is for companies that meet the ISO 27001 standards. Not all companies on the planet have to meet the ISO 27001 standards nor get a certification for it. There are select ones that should apply for it.

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Some of them include:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Software developing companies
  • Information technology (IT) support
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Government agencies
  • Health organisations
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Put simply, if a company has some sensitive data that it needs to protect, it is imperative that it meets the ISO 27001 standards as well as apply for certification. This certification is not only for the sake of meeting international standards but for ensuring that the company and the customers, too, are out of harm’s way in terms of falling prey to cybercriminals.

Why It Matters

There are many crimes that crooks of today may commit. Some of them are cybercrimes, which come in numerous forms, each one just as damaging as the other to the unsuspecting victims. In fact, by next year, experts predict that cybercrime would cause global problems with a price tag amounting to an enormous $6 trillion!

Companies that meet ISO 27001 standards are not entirely protected from cyber attacks. However, it allows them to be less vulnerable to those. It also enables them to know how to spring into action just in case cybercriminals try to zoom in on them.

If companies genuinely care about their customers, they will make sure that they have a certification. That’s because the presence of such is a testament that sensitive pieces of information about the people who trust them, their loyal customers, are out of harm’s way. Even if a threat makes its presence known, the customers can rest assured that the companies that they are counting on have the resources to protect themselves accordingly.

How to Get Certified

When it comes to the ISO 27001 certification, there are a couple of options available: individual certification and company certification. Both of them aim to prove that the holder meets strict ISO standards. However, they are for slightly different purposes, and obtaining them involves a different set of steps to carry out.

In the case of an ISO 27001 certificate for a company, it is a certifying body that carries out the process of certification. The recipient of the certificate has to keep on complying with the ISO guidelines for it to remain certified.

After passing the required auditing, a company can claim certification on various advertising materials to show its customers that it complies with ISO standards.

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