use Instagram to promote your Australian business

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Australian Business

In this article, I will cover the basics of how to optimise your Instagram account so that you can gain increased brand awareness, reach your target audience and create a community of brand advocates who know, like and trust you.

Before we jump into all of the tips that I have for you folks let’s just look at two reasons why your Australian business should be on Instagram reason number one it’s one of the world’s most popular social networks with over 1 billion active uses that means that your Australian business has the potential to gain massive exposure by being on this platform reason number two according to reports by Instagram 60 percent of people surveyed say that they find new brands and businesses on Instagram every day and that they are very likely to purchase something that they found on Instagram or that they saw on Instagram.

Now if that isn’t good news I don’t know what it so whether you like social media or not you can’t deny that if you want to have a successful Australian business or build a successful brand today you have to use Instagram to promote your Australian business.

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Four questions to ask yourself

Before you just jump in and start posting about your products you should ask yourself the following four questions.

  • Why am I using Instagram in the first place?
  • What are my business objectives or goals?
  • What should my brand purpose be on Instagram?
  • Am I going to entertain my followers, or inspire them, or am I going to use Instagram as a customer service channel?

You really have to think about these things before you start posting content. If your Australian business is new, I think one of your first objectives for using any social media platform should be to create brand awareness. Nobody knows you in the beginning when you just launch your business. Nobody knows you and you can’t rely on your friends and family alone to be your customers. Otherwise your Australian business just won’t grow. That’s why it’s so important to get in front people who don’t know you already and be able to hold their attention.

So how do you create brand awareness well by telling your brand story now many of you watching may have heard that term before it’s really popular right now however if you haven’t I’ll explain your brand story is basically your origin story and when you’re telling that story on Instagram you want to introduce yourself you want to show people who you are you want to tell them when and why you started your company what problems you plan to solve for your customers how you’re different from your competitors.

What you want to do is create content around these ideas and promote them to your target audience so every time you post at least 24 hours after that you want to boost that post or promote it or sponsor it or whatever term you use basically you want to run an ad with that post so that you’re able to reach potential customers because like I said before in the beginning no one knows you aside from your family and friends so you have to pay to get your content in front of people who don’t know you or if you don’t have the budget to boost every single one of your posts in the beginning what you can do is go the organic route

I hope this is making sense now for you? Of course you have to assess your unique situation your specific situation and decide if you need to run ads or if you already have a following the great just promote your Australian business account as much as you can to your existing followers and let them know to follow you on that account as well

Regardless of which tactic you decide to implement, whether you choose to do advertising or go with the organic route, telling your brand story is a great way to start engaging your potential customers. This in turn helps you cement your know, like and trust factor, because people have to know you, like you and trust you before they give you their money. Especially when you’re a new Australian business on social media; these three elements become really important.

Getting people to warm up to you so when you’re a new Australian business owner this is the time people tend to make a lot of mistakes in their Australian business and that could set the tone for the lifetime duration of your brand’s presence on Instagram

Things NOT to do when using Instagram to promote your Australian business

To help you folks out further I wanted to give you folks five tips of things not to do on Instagram if you’re a Australian business.

Do not use your personal Instagram account

Please create a Australian business Instagram account and here’s why when you create a Australian business Instagram account you have access to things like analytics and analytics gives you information on the best time to post relevant to your followers so they will tell you what time the majority of your followers are on Instagram they will also tell you where your followers are looking their age and things like that and so using your personal account you won’t have access to these things that are so important for helping you making for helping you to make future Australian business decisions so that’s why it’s so important to not use your personal Instagram account and to create a separate Australian business account

Do not post a picture of your logo and say coming soon

This goes back to what I said in the beginning no one knows you right when you just create your Instagram account you don’t really have a lot of followers and so posting your logo and something that says coming soon it’s like it makes no sense right why not just start by posting an introduction post

about who you are what this Australian business is about and why you started it in the first place I promise you folks a post like that will get much more traction organically than just a flier that says coming soon with your logo

Don’t focus on getting heaps of followers

I want you folks to remember is that it’s always better to have quality follow us over just quantity it’s so much better to have a smaller following of people who are engaged then having a lot of following of people who just they could care less if you post today tomorrow or next week.

Having a large following is not that serious like it was five years ago there are people who have a thousand followers ten thousand followers or even less than that and they’re making a lot of money on Instagram.

Don’t be shy to tell your story

Your personal story is what is going to help you connect emotionally with your followers and also help you stand up from the hundreds or thousands of other people who are doing the same thing as you.

Don’t start selling right away

No one comes on Instagram because they want to be sold to or they want to be told to click this link or buy this now people come on Instagram for four reasons because they’re bought and they want to be entertained they want to be inspired or motivated or they want to learn something new so don’t start selling right away because you’re going to push people away you have to give them a chance to warm up to you first so start by providing a lot of valuable content and interesting content that people would look forward to.

In Summary

Now, remember when you use Instagram to promote your Australian business, you need to have the right expectations. You shouldn’t expect overnight results. Being successful at anything takes time in growing a following. It takes time to build trust with your audience. Be patient and be sure you’re being genuine to who you are every time you post on Instagram. Using the above tips, you will be able to use Instagram to promote your Australian business in an engaging and effective manner. Good luck!


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