How Australian Education Software Is Changing How We Teach and Learn

Over the last two decades, technology has changed the way teachers and students operate in the classroom. None moreso than the various Australian education software products out there.

Think about it. What we take for granted now, pretty much didn’t even exist in 1999. From the development of smart phones, through to schools adopting social media, there has never been a more interesting time for education in general.

Many Australian high schools and primary schools now require students to bring their own laptops. Teachers now communicate with parents and the community via email newsletters, blogs and extranets. Specific teacher and parent communication software has come to the forefront.

Smart boards have replaced projectors, and with that, specific education software to deliver video, audio and interactive learning has proliferated.

Once upon a time, you would call the school to say your child is unwell. Now with SMS, and phone apps, it takes a few clicks for a parent to notify the school administration and their children’s teachers of an absence.

There are a number of Australian education software products out in the market, helping transform how we learn and share our knowledge. Here are just five of them.

AssignmentHero is designed to help both individuals and groups complete assignments easily. Whether you have an individual assignment, or need to work with a group, AssignmentHero helps you work better, by keeping everything in one place.

WeTeachMe allow you to find your next in-person education experience. They have managed over 300,000 students and 20,000 classes since they’ve launched.

1Enrol helps remove inefficiencies and streamline the enrolment process for international education agents and providers, taking what used to be intense manual work to clean, online workflow.

Open Learning allows educators to deliver effective, engaging and transformative courses on a global scale, using a next-generation online learning platform, teaching resources and 24-hour support so that you can focus on what matters most: creating empowering learning experiences for your students.

Reach Boarding is management software which can significantly improve how schools implement policies and procedures on campus, providing automated response mechanisms for requests, permissions, student tracking, welfare and discipline and more.

In Summary

Like many industries, education is another area where technology has quickly changed how we learn, share knowledge and communicate. It is an exciting time to watch how technology and specifically, Australian education software, are changing the face of classrooms in Australia and across the globe.

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