HealthEngine Increases Data Security for iOS and Android Apps

HealthEngine, Australia’s leading consumer healthcare platform, has introduced additional levels of authentication in the latest version of its popular iOS and Android apps to increase data security and further protect personal information. The apps now offer passcode protection as well as the option to set up either Touch ID or Face ID depending on device capabilities.

Current and new users of app versions 7 and higher will receive a pop-up prompt to set up a four digit pin to securely unlock and lock the HealthEngine app. With the protection in place, the app will also support auto-filling of the booking form, saving users time and providing extra security for personal information, including the option to save and access Medicare details.

“We’re committed to providing added security and privacy features to support our HealthEngine users, and we wanted to take the lead and build in further protections on the app. The experience is now very much like your banking app with a passcode or biometric ID needed to open the app,” said Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine Co-Founder, CEO and Medical Director.

“We’ve also received feedback from users about the ability to have the booking form auto-fill with their information or any profile they manage for their family. With the increased security measures in place, we’ve added this timesaving feature for easier booking,” said Dr Tan.

The HealthEngine app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, with a 4.8 star rating, and in Apps on Google Play for Android devices, with a 4.7 star rating. With more than 2.3M downloads, the popular app accounts for 55 percent of HealthEngine bookings compared to 45 percent done via

HealthEngine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare network and the #1 go-to for healthcare bookings. Founded in 2006, by Dr. Marcus Tan, HealthEngine is on a mission to transform Australia’s healthcare by making it easier for people to connect with their healthcare providers online and for health practitioners to deliver a great patient experience through technology.

More than 7 million Australians have made more than 30 million bookings on the platform. To find, book and manage medical and dental appointments, visit

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