Guide to Choosing and Using Business Intelligence Software

Living in the age of technology, almost every traditional work of us is now getting a technical touch. Here, we are going to talk about something called business intelligence software. Understanding business intelligence software would be easier if you know about business intelligence at first. Business intelligence is the use of tools and other utilities to research on present data. Based on that data business owners get insights into their business that is used to make proper decisions.

Performing all these tasks is quite difficult. As the age of the computer began, several pieces of software were developed to get such insights based on data. This type of software is called business intelligence software. Such software collects all the essential data. Based on this data, sets of information like summaries, dashboards, charts, and graphs are presented.

Here, we are going to discuss different things related to such software like the functions, advantages, and the possible reasons to get these. Read this article carefully to know more about it.

Functions of business intelligence software

This section of the article is all about the functions and features of BI software. However, we can’t discuss all the functions in a single article but we will discuss all the important functions in brief.

Performs analysis of data

This is the most important feature of business intelligence software. The real-world data is often called raw data. Meaningful information is produced only after analysing the raw data. The business intelligence software analyses data in many ways like seasonal analysis, trend analysis, and considering the what-if scenarios.

It monitors the data in real-time

When you are in the business, this is very necessary to take quick and effective decisions. You can’t do it if you don’t have real-time data. With the help of business intelligence software, you are always equipped with the latest data hence you can make some appropriate decisions.


Reports are most widely used to represent vital information in the simplest way possible. Preparing reports is often regarded as a tedious task and requires a lot of effort. But business intelligence software can prepare reports without your intervention.

You can set the timing of getting the reports like monthly, weekly, quarterly, etc. It will make your work a lot easier.

Advantages of using business intelligence software

You can’t get the best business intelligence software that suits your purpose if you don’t know about the advantages in detail. That’s the reason we thought to talk about the advantages here in this section.

Helps you make accurate and enhanced decisions

This is the biggest advantage of using BI software. As the competitors are working day and night to get ahead of the others. You will surely be lagged behind if you are not accurate in making your strategic decisions. This is the place where these pieces of software play a major role.

Provides an edge over the competitors when it comes to analysis

Analysing large chunks of data accurately is a competition in itself. Having software like this for your business can keep you ahead of the competitors.

Improved data quality

Collecting authentic data is a task in itself. With the help of business intelligence software, you can collect data from as many sources as you want. All data from these different sources are combined and a bigger picture is developed by aggregating the whole data.

Enhances satisfaction among your customers

With the help of BIS, companies can know about the buying patterns of their customers. This is a really important thing for determining your products in the future. When you are aware of the buying trends of the customers, it would be easy to retain the existing customers. At the same time, you can try to reach the new ones.

Key features to look for while buying business intelligence software

Now, we have come to the most significant port. We already told you about the functions and advantages of business intelligence software. If you are new in this matter, you should know about some of the critical features that any BIS should have. Take a look at these features before you make your final decision.

Its ability to perform geographical data

Any BIS that supports location intelligence can do it. When your BI software has this ability, all you need to do is feed the collected data to this system. And then, the software will process all of that data. At last, the BIS will represent all of that data in a graphical form.

This way, you will get geographical data in a very easy manner. Having such geographical data is very essential because it helps you know which locations are performing better than others. Such a feature helps you in taking strategic decisions.

It should be able to perform ranking the reports

This is one of the most important features of business intelligence software. Running a business means you have to work on many fronts. Efforts are put in all those parts and then analysing the outcomes is very crucial. With the help of this ability, your BIS can give you reports that are ranked based on performance. Thus you can able to know about the performance of all the facets of the business, like salespeople, selling campaigns, products, business, etc.

The reports are ranked based on the performance of these areas. Now, you will know about which facets are performing well than others. Hence, you get to know where do you need to put the most effort.

Final thoughts

Discussing all the aspects and parts of business intelligence software is impossible to discuss in such a small article, but we managed to tell you about the basics. These things are important to know when you are new in this field.

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