5 Great Human Resources Software Products You Should Try

Running a business is no easy task. The toughest thing to do here is the management of human resources. In this modern age of technology, there is no need to spend much time on such things when you can simply use some software to solve this issue. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best human resources software available in the market. 


Hiring is quite a tedious process. There are several processes involved in it. After you have found the right guy, documentation is done. Such requirements often distract you from the main work. For the proper growth of your firm, you need to spend your time very productively.

Flare software comes with a set of tools that are enough to automate almost all of the paperwork required in this process. Once you start using this software, you will be relieved from the manual documentation process. Now that you are free from all such tedious processes, you are completely free to focus more on the person that you are hiring. All the products available in this software bundle are intended to improve the engagement of the employees in your firm.

If these features are enough to grab your attention, you can have a free trial of our software. This will give you enough time to know about other important features of your firm. Any company/business having a workforce from 150-1500 can very easily use the flare. If you are looking for human resources software to help you in getting rid of the documentation process, this one is perfect.

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This is a great example of human resources software products that we are talking about. If you are planning to get HR software for surveying about some issue, 6Q should be your first choice. The best thing about this software is its user-friendly interface. With the help of that user interface, you can get precious feedbacks and know about the mood of your team. 

There is a feature that enables you to merge this software with other peer-to-peer recognition features of employees. By doing so, you can use 6Q for enhancing the communication between different members of your organisation.

With the help of this software, you can increase the engagement of employees, and create a positive culture in your company. And all such efforts will help you to increase the profit of your organisation. 

The best feature of this software is that there are only 1-10 questions in the survey. As a result of which, a large number of people take part in the survey and that is all you want. There is a facility to adjust the frequency of the survey as per your requirements. The features mentioned above make it one of the best human resources software of this time. 

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Happy HR

Here is another human resources software products that you can find useful. There are more than 500 businesses that use Happy HR to get rid of the manual HR management techniques. Happy HR is full of all the features that you may require for managing employees in your firm.

This is a human resources software with tremendous utility. With this great software, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your employee. All of such works can be easily done with the help of your computer. 

Some of the outstanding features of this tool include recruiting and managing the employees, self-services of the employees, managing the performance of the employees, training and development, managing grievances, etc. The best feature of this tool is the process of onboarding.

While you do onboarding using Happy HR, there is no need to introduce even a single piece of paper. All the documentation will be done using your PC and the documents will be saved on the cloud. 

There are several features that help you maintain your focus on the firm. These features include management of your assets, recognition and awards, payrolls, additional support and advice from HR, etc. 

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Hiring a new person is quite a typical task. In most firms, the managers get used to even the inefficient employees because they fear hiring new ones. You can get rid of all such situations by using the myInterview software.

All the essential features to interview a candidate is included in this software. With the help of features like one-way video interviews, you can get the most vital insights into the talents of your employees. 

One of the best features of this tool is that you can use it for free. However, you are free to upgrade to the premium version but you can also downgrade to the normal version anytime. When you have such a tool in your hands, there is no need to read the long resume to know about your next recruit. 

A large number of people from around the world have used this tool. More than two million videos have been processed by this software so far. Ratings suggest that about 91% of the users are highly satisfied by its features. By using this software, most employers reduce their hiring time by over 60%.

Taking a look at the data, you will find that about 70% of the interviews done via this tool have been completed in less than 15 minutes.

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This is another great tool that you can use to prepare the roster. Rostering is often regarded as one of the toughest tasks by employers. With the help of Deputy, you can do it very without trouble. Not only preparing but you can also edit the roster based on the varying needs of the employees.

When you have made some modifications, the concerned employee will be notified about this change by the Deputy. 

There is a dashboard that you can use to track the tasks. You will also be notified about the completion of a task. Information about the incomplete tasks is also available on the same dashboard. 

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Final thoughts

This article has given you information about many human resources software products available in the market. You will be able to choose the best software only when you properly know about your needs.

But keep in mind that using software only can’t solve all your issues related to the employees. 

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