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Five Different Software License Management Practices

In today’s technologically advanced work environments, software infrastructure is being used more than ever before. There are now tools that help with marketing, sales, and even human resources software. In business, these tools are referred to as Software Asset Management (SAM).

Each organisation needs to learn how to organise and put into action certain steps to ensure its viability. SAM requires adequate planning, which many businesses aren’t qualified to do. This is where Software License Management (SLM) comes in.

SLM is a plan that’s easy to set up and use that allows businesses to oversee its assortment of software licenses. It’s the safest way for organisations to make sure their software licenses are obtained legally and are utilised to their maximum potential.

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Read on for 5 of the best tips on managing a business’s software licenses.

Make a List of All Software Licenses

The first and most important step is to document all licenses in an easy to access manner which provides organisations with all the necessary information, such as purchase and service fees, contracts and agreements.

This provides easy monitoring and utilisation of all licenses.

Provide Necessary Documentation

Once all licenses have been accounted for, the next step is to make available documents that show proof of ownership. This can vary from one licensor to another, so make sure each maintenance contract and purchase agreement is readily available.

Determine Software Usage

This step can be a bit tedious, but it’ll pay off in the long run. Each software program needs to be cataloged as a measure of which is being used more frequently, and which can be dispensed with.

It’s also a major step in figuring out how each software tool was installed, set up, and managed to keep a database of what’s useful for the company’s growth.

Update License and Software Inventories

Once software usage is tracked and recorded, next comes the updates and renewals of those that are in constant demand. They’ll consist of programs that employees use regularly.

The tools that aren’t needed can be returned, uninstalled or deleted, in accordance with your license agreement.

Oversee Licenses More Efficiently

How an organisation works as a team shows when everything comes together coherently. Once all previous steps have been carried through successfully, then it means things are on the right track.

It also means that businesses can now start saving money by distributing already available licenses, and reducing maintenance contract fees, as well as lowering the risk of being audited.

Benefits of Software License Management

Here are just a few of the benefits of managing software licenses.

Saves Money

Even though research shows that IT spending has constantly been on the rise, there’s also a rise in unused resources which creates financial losses.

Improves Staff Productivity

Training programs should be adopted, including clear guidelines that inform employees of the license and policies of all available software.

Protects Companies against Non-compliance Fines and External Audits

By cataloging software licenses and creating an inventory, companies can easily check whether or not they are compliant.

Keeps Track of End-User License Agreements

An End-User License Agreement (EULA) goes into effect when an organisation installs software to help regulate the rights of both the licensor and licensee.

Final Thoughts

Since organisations worldwide depend on a myriad of software tools to run their operations, it’s becoming crucial to maintain practical methods of software license management services.

This takes the success of any organisation to whole new levels, as having a keen understanding of the company’s needs now and in the future, while saving costs and bringing in profitable earnings.


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