Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service

Dynamics 365 Project Service is a solution launched by Microsoft to help project based organisations to achieve customer satisfaction by providing them with end-to-end solution for sales, resourcing, planning, billing and delivery.

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Project Service

Deepen Engagement: since the solution comes with a predictive customer responsive engagement model which is assured to deliver value-added successful projects, it becomes easier for the users to build strong and trusted relationship with the customers.

Empower Teams: with the help of Project Service, users will be better equipped to balance resources, their utilisation and productivity across different programs and projects. At the same time, you can improve team coordination, collaboration and personal creativity.

Optimise Growth: users are also provided with actionable insights and tip offs about foreseeable opportunities which helps them make informed and more appropriate decisions. They can also optimise the innovation on their service offerings.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Project Service

Opportunity Management: the solution provides integrated sales dashboards with opportunities that are project based which helps to forecast feasibility and profitability. The sales manager experience can also be streamlined which results into quick creation of project contracts, generation of SOWs, tracking of labor rates. Users can also collaborate with customers on the quotes, resource requirements, and project scope though customer portals.

Project Planning: it is also easier for sales managers and project managers to visualise sales value, costs and effort to estimate and define the work using standard project templates. Dynamics 365 Project Service implementation also provides your system with powerful scheduling and management capabilities which complements the collaborative sales planning process.

Resource Management: with Dynamics 365 Project Service implementation you can maximise the resource assignment by the virtue of a consolidated scheduling engine across all modes of services to make sure that the right people are on the right projects. The solution also simplifies the engagement across resource managers, project managers, and sub-contractors. This results into streamlined talent management, demand, and resource allocation. The consultants can now apply for relevant project roles and update their skills through mobile devices.

Team Collaboration: project teams, customers, and partners can avail and utilise the user friendly, yet powerful, mobile ready Office 365 productivity tools to connect, coordinate and collaborate on tasks and project deliverables. The project managers feel more empowered as they can use real-time status and performance indicators to reduce project risks.

Time and Expense Management: it is easier to track, manage, and submit the estimated and billed project time with Dynamics 365 Project Service. This is achieved through the integration of tasks and deliverables within calendars. Users can also track all the project and non-project schedules on their devices or respective applications with the help of integration between exchange and project calendars.

Customer Billing: you can also provide, both, your customers and project managers with a singular shop dashboard where they can override, review, track overruns, and approve all costs and time that is impacting their projects. The solution also allows the automation of approval, generation, and distribution of accurate invoices on the web or in the email. With the integration capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can also collaborate with best-in-class back office applications for financial accounting.

Service Analytics: you can anticipate business opportunities, improve your service offerings, and improve business performance through intelligent analytics, role based templates, interactive dashboards, and data visualisations for 360-degree visibility to portfolio and project metrics that comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service.

Should you go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Implementation?

Provided that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service is a part of Dynamics 365 CRM solution. If you are considering moving to Dynamics 365, then it would only make sense to go for Dynamics 365 Project Service Implementation. Considering the features of the solution, it would not be wrong to say that it is indeed an end-to-end resource planning and project management software that will take your business nowhere but forward.

However, if you are considering moving from one system to Project Service then keep in mind that there may be large amounts of historical data that has to be migrated. Hence, it important that you choose the right implementation partners who have a certain amount of experiment in your industry. This will ensure smooth integration of data and a successful migration.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service. It elaborates on the benefits and capabilities of the solution. It also stated whether you should say yes to the implementation or not.


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