9 Important Considerations When Creating a Mobile App

9 Important Considerations When Creating a Mobile App

Mobile technology has a thriving future in our society where people are always on the go and very little time to do their work. That is why creating a mobile app should top your list now. Designing a mobile application that produces effective results is by no means an easy job.

It depends upon a thorough research and survey to identify your target group. It is more important that you cater to the needs of the target audience.

Since the marketing space is already overcrowded with competitors, the ability to stand out and create a niche for yourself is difficult job. Here is my two cents’ worth to help you gain visibility. It will help you when creating a mobile app that suits your target customers and also ensure repeat visitor’s.

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Choosing Platforms

The first step to design an application is determining the platform that is most compatible with your application. Will it be a native or hybrid app? If financial gain is what you are aiming at, then go for iOS, the operating systems used in iPhones and iPads.

It is a challenge to get revenue from an Android app. But, if your goal is to use the app to popularise your business, then consider Android which is emerging the winner in the smartphone race in the US, with 53% market share as against 36% for iOS. There are no reviews preceding the publishing of your app, your app goes live within 20 mins after you submit it.

Include social sharing

Ensure that social sharing buttons are included in your application for users to share information regarding your application. Encourage and make allowances for them to share every post and experiences.

A case in point is the online games or applications that ask you to share results with your friends on your profile.This is a economical method of generating users for your application.

Consider a Free App

The decision on making moolah out of your application depends on the end you are trying to achieve with your app. If you are primarily using it as a marketing tool to help establish your brand, it may be the best choice for you to zero in on getting as much downloads as possible.

On the other hand, apps can present a major revenue opportunity; some applications have emerged a multi-million dollar business.

Adding Value

Simple as it may sound it is not. When creating a mobile app, it is like any other product, and needs to be based on a solid idea. You will make a huge error if you think that your app is only a replica of your website. It has a life and identity of its own.

Come up with a simple idea that would at once reflect the objectives of your enterprise and the core values. In such a cut throat competition you have to have an USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to grab the attention of your users.

Be Appropriate and Relevant

It is very crucial that you understand that your mobile app won’t solve every need and solve all queries of the customer. You need to furnish the required information within the application and offer important advice and suggestions relevant to your product and services.

Provide information

Provide information regularly to your users, which may include updates and news relating to your products and services. The ideal way is to create an system which will automatically update all information.

Make users come back to your app

Compel your users to come back to the app and visit repeatedly. Getting people to download your application is only the first step towards a greater goal. You need to make them use it again and again. Unless they use it loses any significance for your visitor and for your business.

Maintain regularity

One of the focuses of any business is to maintain communication with the customer. Application users are often forthcoming in providing criticism and advice for improving your app. Pay close attention to the users and update your app in accordance to their demands.

Regularly update functionality

In order to create an application that is good marketing tool, you need to have the knowledge of the workings of smartphones and how people use apps. Simplicity, creativity and user friendliness is the key to success.

When creating a mobile app that serves as a powerful marketing tool, you need to have the knowledge of the workings of smartphones and how people use apps. Keep things clean and uncomplicated yet innovational and most importantly user-friendly.

Conclusion: creating a mobile app

Coming up with the mobile app for your business will help you locate the niche and connect with the customers always on the run. It should be easy for them to get access to your products and services. Design it in a manner that your application that is encompassed all the necessary features that makes your business thrive.


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