How to Create a Strong Password for Security

Knowing how to create a strong password has become an important skill to know. We all use dozens of services on the internet that require an account. Almost all the essential services that we often use require us to create an account there. Social media has become prevalent in this age and they all require an account of the user.

When talking about accounts, passwords are the first things that come to our mind. There are many people who lose the data on their accounts because they have a weak password. When you want to secure your account from any breach of this kind, you need to have a strong password. Passwords are the most essential things that you need to secure your account.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways to discuss ways to create a strong password. After completing this article, you will be able to set a suitable and strong password for every account of yours. Go ahead and take a look at it.

Lengthy passwords are safe

This is the easiest tip that you can get. If you are good at remembering, having a long password is the most secure one. When you use a long password, it becomes too difficult for anyone to crack your password.

The primitive way of cracking someone’s password is called the brute force attack. In this type of attack the hackers try to manually guess the password. There are several programs that guess the password based on the number of characters included in the password. In case, someone has a short password, it becomes easy for the program to guess the password.

And when your password is long enough, it becomes very difficult for the program to guess your password. For example, if a password is 3 characters long, a good hacker can crack it in just 1 second.

Your password should be no less than 12 characters in any case. Make sure that your password is 12-14 words long at least.

A password should be a combination of several character types

If your password consists of only similar character types, it becomes very easy to guess. There are several ways to modify your password to make it strong. People often struggle to remember long passwords however you can make it easy to remember by using an upper case letter in each word.

A strong password should also have the numbers and other character types. For example, if your password contains “O”, you can replace that letter with numeral zero (0). You can replace the letter “A” with “@”.

All such techniques will make your password difficult to crack. You can definitely create a strong password using a set of characters in it.

Don’t make passwords based on your choices and preferences

A lot of people use passwords based on their choices and preferences. They do it because those passwords are easy to remember. However this is also a very insecure way of setting the password. When your password is related to your choices or references, one can guess it without even using some program.

Your password should not be related to any of your preferences or hobbies. There should not be any personal information in your password. Make sure your password is completely unrelated to such things.

Try to use phrases that don’t have meaning

Whiles setting a long password, you can create a strong password and at the same time it, would be easy to remember if you use phrases. Phrases may be easy to remember only if they have a meaning. If one uses a phrase that has no meaning, no one can guess that phrase easily. While composing your phrase, you should use the words that are not correct grammatically.

Avoid using letters in sequential order

There are several passwords that contain words in sequential order. Such a password makes your password very easy to remember however also very easy to guess. This is another unsafe practice while creating a password. Anyone can guess your password in a few attempts. You will never create a strong password if your password contains letters in a sequential manner.

Making a password out of a random sentence

This is another yet effective method of creating a strong password. All you have to do is choose a random sentence. Keep in mind that the sentence is not one of your favourite dialogues or anything related to your preference.

Once you have got a sentence like that, you should make a password by choosing some letters out of that sentence. You should remember the sequence in which the words have been chosen. Such passwords are very hard to crack.

Some other things to keep in mind to secure your password

The task of having a strong password doesn’t end the moment you create a strong password. You need to be sincere enough for safeguarding your password.

We have already discussed the ways to create a strong password. In this section, we will mention some tips that would help you safeguard your password.

Don’t share your password with anyone

This is the first thing that you should keep in your mind about your passwords. No matter how strong your password is, it is always insecure if someone else knows about it. Don’t write your password anywhere to avoid someone reading it.

Use a password manager

This is another important tool that you should use for safeguarding your password. When you have several accounts, the password manager will remember all your passwords. Every time you log in somewhere, the password manager will fill in the password for you.

There are several password managers that you can choose from. Make sure you are opting for a trusted company.

Avoid using the same password for several accounts

Many people find it hard to remember different passwords so they reuse the same password in different accounts. In such a case, once you use the password, anyone can get every detail about all your accounts. Use a different password for your VPN account, a different one again for your Netflix account, another different password for your Facebook, and another for your email, etc.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have discussed a lot of ways to create a strong password. Applying them should be your prime focus as these tips will help you a lot in keeping your password safe. Add this with your antivirus software updating to ensure a safer business IT system.

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