Features to Look for When Choosing Payroll Software

Handling a firm is no easy task. Lots of works need to be done inside a single firm to get it running. But not all such tasks need your attention. You should definitely play a role in making strategic decisions. And then, there are things like choosing payroll software, paying salaries and keeping records like redundant activities where not that much attention is required.

An efficient person will try to automate all such tasks. Paying salaries to the employees and several other works associated with that can also be automated with the help of payroll software. 

Nowadays payroll has become an integral part of an organisation. The salary and compensation of each worker can be managed using payroll software. Tasks like paying the taxes and several other things can be handled very easily with payroll software. Ready-made solutions have never been much efficient. You can’t solve all your problems related to salaries and taxes of employees by just opting for payroll software.

To get the most out of it, you should know about the features this software should have so that all your demands can be fulfilled. Before you make your mind for choosing payroll software, you should know about the essential features that the software needs to have. 

Good precision at managing payroll 

Payroll software is specially designed to manage and process payrolls. So, before you go for one, you should make sure that the software is good at handling payrolls. There is no doubt that the payroll software has numerous functions but all such functions are based on this feature. That is why you should look for payroll software that can fulfil these criteria. 

Precision is of prime importance when it comes to choosing payroll software. There have been several incidents when even an additional zero or a missing zero has caused havoc in the firms. 

It should be integrated with accounting

The list of laws governing the field of accounting and finance is enormous. An efficient payroll software should be able to do its job but at the same time, it should adhere to the laws of accounting. This way your firm will not be in a situation of being fined or something like that.

The facility to record payslips and store other files

Keeping a record of the transactions is a very important part of a business. If you choose the right payroll software, it can print payslips. These pieces of software are the main repository of several essential documents in your firm like organisational chart, profiles of employees, offer letter, etc. The user’s ability to download these features would make these pieces of software even more useful. 

Basic reporting functions

Several teams work together for a proper functioning and growth of a firm. And the decisions that are made by those teams depend a lot on the reports. That is the reason why various reports are needed in an organisation.

When you are choosing payroll software, going for one that can perform the essential reporting would be a wise decision. Having this feature will help the different departments in your organisation to make a proper decision while spending less time. Here is a list of reports that are needed the most inside a firm:

  • Balancing audit reports
  • Timesheet reports
  • Unemployment wage reports
  • Reports related to wage
  • Reports related to liability audit

Ability to track earning

When you are choosing payroll software, try to find one that can track the earnings of your employees, often across a diverse workforce in multiple locations. Keeping track of the salary is quite a tedious task and needs a lot of effort. This task is often considered redundant nonetheless. You should avoid investing time in such tasks that can be easily automated.

When the payroll software keeps track of the earnings, you will be free from most of the tasks associated with the salaries of your employees. To be good at this task, your payroll software should be able to process data related to the following elements in your business:

  • Regular salaries of your employees
  • Rules that govern the allocation of salaries of the employees
  • Rules governing the salary structure of the employees 
  • Parameters for calculating the salary of employees
  • Earning codes of employees from different departments
  • Earning division on the performance of work and other bonus tips

Ease of accessing employees’ information

Being unable to fetch the required information in a time of need can have serious consequences. In most cases, works are often delayed due to it. Having software that can facilitate you with the employees’ information is definitely a good thing.

As the software is dealing with all such vital information, no human resource will be needed for this purpose. You can use that resource in some other productive job. 


Dealing with tax is a very precise and complex task. It requires too much attention because even the smallest of mistakes can make you liable for a fine. The chances of human error can be reduced if your payroll software can do this job for you. 

The payroll software that you are choosing should come with the ability to fill in the deposit information by itself. Even with this tiny feature, you can save a lot of time. 

Easy transfer of the employees’ salary

We have come into the age of technology where most of the things are done by computers. Paying your employees using cheques is not so convenient anymore. You have opted for software that can automate most of the things related to the salary of your employees.

Nice payroll software should be able to transfer the salary directly into the accounts of the employees. It is very helpful for you and at the same time safe for your employees too. Now your employees don’t have to worry about keeping the paycheque safe as they will get the money directly into their bank accounts. 

Final words

We have mentioned several features that you should look for while choosing payroll software. Before making the final choice, you should read the security certificates associated with the payroll software. 

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