Things to Look for When Choosing a Good Office Chair

Someone working in an office spends most of their time sitting on a chair. Many jobs require the employee to be sitting at a particular place all the time. Due to such situations, buying office chairs is not an easy task for employers. Most employers end up buying chairs that the employees don’t find to be comfortable. Choosing a good office chair is important because someone is going to spend his day sitting on that.

Sitting in inappropriate postures leads to several spine conditions. All such hazards can be avoided by getting a perfect chair. The later sections of this blog will discuss all the factors that you should consider before buying a perfect chair for your office.

Your budget

This is the first thing that you should consider before buying anything. There are a variety of chairs available in the market and many of them are so good that they have all the features that you want. At last, it all comes to your budget how much you want to spend on chairs. You can get chairs for a few hundred dollars while some premium chairs may cost up to 2-3 thousand dollars.

The price that you should pay for the chair is also linked to the purpose of the chair. Expensive chairs are preferred for directors’ cabin and other such cabins. But the employers go for chairs having average cost when they need chairs for all the working people. The quantity of chairs that you are planning to buy also decides your choice.

The type of chair that you want for your office

After you are sure of the investment that you can make for the chair, it is time that you decide the type of chair suitable for your office. People’s choice for a good office chair also depends on the design and architecture of the office. So, you should never underestimate the importance of the chair type before you make your final decision.

Some other factors decide the type of your chair as well. The amount of your office space is also one of the deciding factors in selecting the chair type. If there is a scarcity of space in the office area, then you should opt for the stool-type chairs as they will save a lot of space. If you are looking for a chair with ergonomics, you should consider the following points.


The swivel should be the priority when you are looking for a good office chair. Irrespective if it is for your home office, or the actual company office. It makes the movement of the employees very convenient. With the help of swivel employees can reach the areas in their cabin very easily.


The Armrest is another important factor of a perfect chair. Chairs with adjustable armrests are the best. Armrests should be such that they provide a relaxed posture for the shoulder and elbow. People usually tend to fit the armrests in a position where the lower arm and elbow should rest lightly.

Seat Height

Chairs with adjustable seat heights are preferred the most. As people have different heights so they tend to adjust the seat height for their convenience. You can check that the chair you are going to buy comes with a pneumatic adjustment lever or not.

With the help of that lever, people can adjust the seat height to positions their thighs horizontally, feet flat, and the arms as per the height of the desk.

The depth and width of the seat

The Seat should be wide enough to provide proper space. And the depth of the seat should be such that the person sitting on the chair should have a distance of a few inches between the back of his knee and the seat.

Seat material

A comfortable seat is a vital feature of a good office chair. Comfort in a seat comes from the material. The seat should be thick enough so that one can sit there for long hours.


Chairs also come with adjustable backrests. The ideal size of a backrest is 12-19 inches. The shape of the backrest should be designed in such a manner that it would support the natural curve of the people’s spine. Best chairs should have some locking mechanism for the backrest to avoid any involuntary movements.

Lumbar support

Only the backrest is not enough to provide all the support your backbone needs. That is why lumbar support is an important part of an office chair. Lumbar support should have enough depth and height to support the natural curve of the spine. Though the chairs having average price don’t come with this feature, you should look for expensive ones if you want to a chair having lumbar support.


You should decide the wheelbase based on the type of floor in your office. If your office has a carpet on the floor, you should choose specific chairs that have wheels specially made for the carpet floors.

You should consider trying first

You can’t find the perfect chair only by reading the brochure. A perfect choice will be made only after sitting on the chair for a while. If you are planning to buy the chair from a retail store, take some time and go to that store. The seat on the chair of your choice for a while. It is true that seating on the chair for a while will not make you able to choose the perfect chair for your employees but you will have a rough idea about the ergonomics and other features of the chair.

In case, you are planning to buy the chair from some online store, you should buy it as most of the online stores provide a 30-day money-back guarantee or even more than that. It will take almost a week to find out whether the chair is fine or not. After a week you can return that and go for another one if you are not satisfied.

We hope you found this article good enough to get the answers you were looking for regarding a good office chair.

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