8 Questions to Ask When Choosing Business Software

Looking for the appropriate business software for your needs can often take weeks of research.

Do you know how to select the right business software for your requirements? If you are planning to choose new software soon, here are eight questions to ask yourself, to help narrow down the right choice for you.

Every business needs a different set of tools – accounting software, business management software, human resources software, etc – the scope of different software products out there to improve your business efficiency is just about endless.

Choose the right software delivery platform for your needs

There are typically two types of software delivery;

Purchased on media (DVD/CD)

This software is often harder to keep up to date, and the release cycles are normally far less frequent.

Software as a Service

Also known as clouyd software, this is software that is delivered over the Internet, and normally uses a multi-tenant arrangement, meaning you have the same software version as every other customer. This means they normally are constantly updating the software, and you get all updates immediately.

See our post, What does Software as a Service (SaaS) Mean? for more information on SaaS software.

Create a list of must have functionality

For example, choosing accounting software, you would want to have items such as;

  • Simple invoicing
  • Financial reports
  • Ability to send receipts

Business software location

Different countries have different laws and requirements. It’s always best to find a software company in your own country, or at least in a country which has data sharing agreements in place, and a regulatory environment you are happy with.

Understanding where the software originates really helps explain this.

Read other customer reviews

A good method to save time is to see what reviews and recommendations have been written about the software you are looking at.

Searching for the software vendors name or product name, and the word ‘review’ is normally enough.

Ongoing costs

Many software companies have a short trial period, and then start charging either by month or annually. Some software comes with certain additional costs, such as per feature, per user and the like. Ensure you get the full costs up front, so you can determine the ongoing costs to have this software.

Optional functionality

As well as the must haves, many software packages come with extra features that you may end up finding helpful for your needs.

What security is included?

In the past, there has been news of security and privacy leaks by software companies that have ended up costing up to millions of dollars for their business customers. You want to ensure they have great security.

Do they suffer from unexpected interruptions?

If you are choosing software from cloud, then you want to ensure they have good uptime statistics. Many software companies publish these status pages, so you can view them publicly.


If you follow the above points, you should be able to choose better Australian business software for your needs, and ensure that you will be able to operate your business smoothly. Best of luck!

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