Business Automation: A Complete Know-How

To automate, or not to automate? 

The more than extensive offer of Apps of all kinds makes us so bombarded by useful tools that we finally do not end up using any, which is a shame because there are many Apps that, in addition to their free version, can make our lives easier.

The choice does not have so much to be based on whether or not it is the best app (there is probably always a better one, you never know) but whether we are willing to accept the cost of learning on the one hand, and to spend the appropriate time that automates means. processes properly.

What is really going to give value to these tools is the creativity of the company when using them.

Automate project management.

The value of automating this part of your company is vital, the difference between doing it or not doing it can often lead to losing a customer. What can it bring you?

  • At a first glance, you can see what state a client’s project is in and what needs to be done.
  • At a first glance, each member can know what to do and when.
  • By having most of the tasks involved in a project registered (normally we do not take this information into account), we can highlight which tasks take us too long or create bottlenecks, and it helps us enormously when determining professional or job profiles. suppliers.
  • By having registered who is responsible for each task, we avoid discussions and conflicts about what may have happened, because we have drawn the way to the problem.

The tool we have chosen for this is Asana. It is not the only one (there is a real barbarity of apps for this) nor will it be the last but it has certain advantages that make it great (at least for us).

  • It is incredibly visual and easy to use. Even a monkey on skates knows how to use it. With this, we save the cost of learning the app.
  • It is in the Cloud so that we save hosting or server space since many of these apps have to be installed in these spaces.
  • Its main features are free. The most widespread are not usually used unless it is a large company and its monthly cost, anyway, is ridiculous (5 euros per month)
  • We are passionate about your corporate identity. And we do not care, we are superficial but we love working with beautiful things.

Automate small apprenticeships in the company

How much time do you lose every time you have to explain again “to the new one” how to do that procedure that you have to do every day? Making manuals of repetitive (and important) processes of the company not only has the advantage that it saves us time lost in less important tasks, but it forces us to establish how things are done correctly and in this way, we optimise the processes.

To make a perfect manual, no time is wasted reading this excellent article on how to make a manual, and we recommend that you use some kind of platform such as Dropbox or SlideShare (with a specific company email, I can put the private presentations and have them saved anyway in the cloud, being easy to access them and again without spending space unnecessarily).

Automate the collection of company information

Virtually all managers, employers and not to say all workers, in general, should read at least half an hour – an hour a day content about what is happening in their sector.

One of the ways to do this is by subscribing to all the blogs that are interesting to your company with the same company email, a specific one only for it. In this way, in a single email, we will receive the feeds of all these blogs.

Another option is to create lists on Twitter or our own Paper Li with the feeds of all these places. It is important that we can have a platform where we can read everything that we consider important at the same time, without wasting time.

Automate social networks.

If there is something about literature in this world, it is how to automate your social networks. And it’s because it’s very important to do if you don’t want to waste your time incredibly. Basically, this is what social media agencies do, meaningfully automate your social networks.

What are the best applications for each case?

To automate the publication of content on Twitter and Facebook: Hootsuite. That also allows you to put a couple of RSS (in its paid version, more), and that it is the best basically because it is the one with which more social networks interact.

To automate actions (welcome retweets, etc.) it is based on commands such as “when this happens, do this another”. It not only serves us for our social networks but our own daily management. It is capable, for example, of sending you an email when they say the weather is going to rain or save in your pocket album every time someone tags you in a Facebook post, An app candy expert, go

Automate Customer Management and Marketing actions

The number of customers and sales opportunities that are lost due to not having a CRM is brutal. Large companies already use them as a basic pillar of their management with clients, but for some reason (surely the high price they seem to have or how cumbersome their learning is) in small companies (of which we are the vast majority) they are not installed with so easily.

It may be that putting this part here is somewhat confusing because the fact of automating our marketing actions is quite damaging (it has been shown that those that are programmed manually are much more effective), what we want to advise is to automate how we handle the information we have of our clients so that when planning our campaigns we have everything in an optimal order to make the best decisions.

A CRM is not magic, it will not sell more by itself, but when used properly it can increase sales by up to 30%. At the moment we have not found a good and free solution (if you do, please tell us !!) so we have to recommend SalesForce, Zoho or SugarCRM, the main and most famous.

It is also very good to use a good mailing dispatch manager, where you have your subscriber and customer lists safely and well filtered. We choose Mailchimp, but here the offer is also good and varied.

Along with CRM, you can automate your accounting and bookkeeping processes by outsourcing them to eBetterBooks or Ignitespot which have the most affordable Bookkeeping Fee structure so that every type of business could opt with them.

Automate basic human resource management.

As soon as you start having more than three or four employees, the need to manage time off, vacations, etc. begins. An excel churro is usually the way to do it. However, if you have less than 5 employees for free (if you do not have to pay a little) you can manage it in pearls with Findmyshift

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