3 Tips to Get High Retention From Your Staff

Think about it. For each person that comes through your system, you and your team are spending a lot of effort, time…

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How Data Structure Is Super Important When Creating Business Software

As someone creating business software, there is one element that you can’t skimp on – the structure of the data…

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Why Businesses Should Be Monitoring the Dark Web

The internet is a big place — bigger than we could possibly envisage. You can find the answer to any question…

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Business Advantages of Having A Diverse Workplace

Everyone in Australia knows that diversity is important for us all. For most people, this idea is ground into their…

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What is the difference between Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps?

With the rise of JavaScript progressive frameworks, as well as GraphQL that is used for application programming…

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Why Web-Based Technology Is the Only Way Forward

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course for businesses, forcing an overnight shift to online channels. This has…

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