5 Best CRM Software For Startups

Reliable customer relationship management software will always keep your online platforms and sales team informed and more productive.

Being efficient and informed are central to a business that wants to remain competitive in any market.

Any business that does most of its marketing online needs to have a CRM for the job. a CRM captures the crucial marketing metrics to boost your ROI. However, most of the best CRMS are a bit pricey and look unattractive to small businesses.

If your business depends largely on customer relations, you need a CRM in place to make work easier. If not, you can depend on a contact management app for a while.

Well, if you are looking for a CRM that can improve your relations with customers and increase your sales, this article is for you. These are some of the best CRMs you should look forward to buying as a startup.


EngageBay is CRM software you can always count on for your startup to stay in touch with your customers.

It is a simple and all-in-one sales CRM that is built purposely for startups and small businesses to engage with their customers. This tool is effective for engaging with online customers and converting them to loyal and happy customers.

With EngageBay, you get access to powerful sales enablement tools that can train your sales force and record all communications with customers automatically. EngageBay is the best CRM for small size businesses that are looking for affordable marketing and CRM software to acquire, nurture, engage, and close visitors.

If you want your business to stay at the top, you need to start engaging your customers with EngageBay. With this tool, you can perform A/B testing, manage your accounts, and enjoy appointment management and audience targeting.


You take charge of your online sales when you have Salesforce at your disposal. This is one of the widely used and biggest CRM software you can find in the market today. It is suitable for both small and large organisations.

For small businesses and startups, Salesforce offers a basic plan called Lighting Essentials. The package provides you advanced contact management, which includes email integration and follow-up reminders for all your customers. You also get a lot of options for integration and customisation when you have this tool.

Salesforce comes in different pricing plans. You get the Lighting Essentials package for $25 per month and the Lighting professional package for $75 per month for a single user.


Make your business count amongst the top online with this most widely used tool. HubSpot gives you all you need in the best quality CRM right on a single dashboard. HubSpot offers every small business a free version of CRM that comes with some basic features for keeping track of company activities.

You can use HubSpot to assign and track orders and deals, manage your business data, and keep track of other company activities and appointments.

If you are already a HubSpot user, you can use the CRM to boost inbound sales and stay ahead of your competition. With HubSpot, you get several integration options from apps like Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, and SalesForce.

HubSpot offers you affordable packages you can subscribe to and manage your online store. Once you get the free version of the software, you can upgrade to the paid version, which is the basic plan starting at 48 EUR per month.


Zoho is another popular name in the world of CRMs. This enterprise-grade software appears on this list because of the many features it offers. It also comes in various editions, all suitable for your small business.

When you subscribe to Zoho, some of the basic features you get include visitor tracking, marketing features, sales signals, and lead scoring. The sales signals come with pop-up notifications. However, you can only get the most sophisticated features of this tool when you subscribe to the professional and Enterprise editions.

The Standard plan goes for $12 per month, the Professional plan is $20 per month, and the most expensive plan, Enterprise, goes for $35 per month.

Salesmate CRM

Get the most out of a CRM when you subscribe to Salesmate CRM. This software makes it easy to speed up sales processes and give your customers a more personalised experience with your brand. You can also use it to manage all your client contacts and all the related activities.

The email marketing feature on the software is something you want to enjoy most. With the email feature, you can send email campaigns to all your contacts. You will also know what happens to every email you send as soon as you click the send button.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for the best CRM to help you manage and engage with your customers, your search should stop here. You can choose one of the six CRM tools listed in this article for the best experience managing lead, sales, and contact lists.

Most CRM offers amazing features like marketing automation, a library of plugins, and integration options. You can also enjoy the free version of CRMs like Hubspot and take your business to the next level.

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