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4 of the Best Australian Made Communication Software Products

Australian businesses, large or small, all communicate daily. From emails to telephone calls, to sharing video files. No matter what the communication style, there’s sure to be something amongst these four communication software products that may interest you.

Today, we look at four great communication software products, made right here in Australia. From emails to group mind maps, private video to branded documents.

Consistently branded documents made easy

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There’s nothing worse than having a stack of different templates, half of which are out of date, when it comes to sending a document to a colleague or customer. That’s where the great Docmosis product comes in handy.

Docmosis allows literally anyone in your organisation (with approval, of course) to easily create, edit and export documents in standard templates, so it all stays professional. There’s no special code to write, and it’s fast to do.

You can export these documents n whatever format you need, such as HTML, text, PDF or doc and docx files.

Private video publishing and hosting

Ever want to share a video with a customer, or use an online platform for training videos, which your customers or competitors cannot see? You’ll want a private video hosting solution such as Orawa.

Unlike Vimeo or YouTube, where even the unlisted videos can still be accessed by random people, Orawa locks these down, so only those allowed to view your video can see it.

Take those training videos, onboarding videos, company update videos and the like, and lock them down for security and privacy.

Orowa works across all devices, providing you with access to view or manage your videos and when you need them. You can even upload your videos from your phone or tablet making it easy for you to film and share your videos.

Group decision making in the cloud

We’ve all been there. You have a team meeting, and fill the whiteboard with scribbles and diagrams. What next? You run out of room, and hastily try to copy these notes down, or you then ask someone to transcribe the whole lot into a computer, to share.

Western Australian created GroupMap fixes this issue. You simply invite participants, capture what they want to add and then everyone can view the results in real time. GroupMap even comes with over 60 brainstorming templates, or if you can’t find the right one, you can design your own.

Email, contacts and calendars online

You know the drill – you have an Exchange server which you can’t seem to access outside work, or you have a free email address on the web, which has a terrible interface (no names!). Then you have a bunch of contact lists spread across different departments. Nightmare time!

That’s where FastMail comes into play. Just like their name, they make emails, calendars and contacts a breeze to use for everyone – even that guy who hasn’t even got the latest smart phone yet.

FastMail allows your entire workforce to access their emails at the office, home or even at the local beach using their favourite device; laptop and phones welcome.


There we have it – four great Australian made business communications products, and the value they can bring your business. We hope you found it enlightening.


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