Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Your Australian Business

Unfortunately, the number of companies to fall as victims of cyber attacks is increasing at an alarming rate. Cybercriminals try to sabotage your business, steal sensitive information or vital account credentials which obviously makes them a grave danger to your business, no matter its size.

Their means of harm is through viruses or malware that employees unknowingly catch on their devices, thus compromising the corporate data. Luckily, security companies produce Antivirus software capable of detecting such dangerous attempts and stopping them dead in tracks.

Locking up your data is as important as locking up your office door, which is why we’re going to help you choose the best antivirus software for your Australian business.

What to consider in a Business Antivirus Software?

When it comes to your money source, you can’t afford to make random decisions. Here are some crucial points to consider.

Core Protection

This is represented by strong basic protection features of the antivirus. You’re looking for real-time resolving of any malware issues arising along the way. You also need a strong firewall preferably with SM and email protection.


Take a look at independent test results for optimum performance. An antivirus that detects less than 95% of potential threats isn’t worth your while. Remember, compromising your business security isn’t an option.


A rather crucial aspect of your decision is the compatibility of the software with the different platforms used in your company. You want an antivirus suitable for PCs (Windows, Mac) as well as mobile devices (Android, iOS).


Of course, the antivirus you purchase should be easy to use. This means simple installation and smooth navigation, no mighty technical knowledge required.


Certain tools are designed to keep the entire network under control. These management tools grant you access to all devices sharing the same service so you can remotely handle data on other devices. This includes viewing license statuses, scheduling scans, and even erasing information on compromised devices.


What’s an antivirus software without good customer service? It’s your gateway for inquiries and troubleshooting, so make sure your provider has helpful agents ready for you to contact in multiple ways (phone, email, live chat) around the clock.


Antivirus software isn’t exactly cheap, so you might want to check out annual subscription plans to save some money, especially if you run a smaller business.

What are some of the best Antivirus Software?

Here’s a couple of the best antivirus software available for your Australian business.

AVG Business Antivirus

This software is a great help to your office devices. It has a new Cyber Capture feature that automatically sends a copy of downloaded files to experts who check for their safety as well as a link scanner option to secure web pages as you browse the internet.

AVG also keeps all your data encrypted for extra security, but it’s a bit pricey.

Norton Small Business

This one probably seems familiar as a personal or home device antivirus, but Norton expanded to a business level and earned a remarkable reputation at it. The technology used in detecting malicious files is based on their behaviour for effective tracking.

The interface is very user-friendly and the program gives off warnings before you download a suspicious file.

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