5 Australian Construction Software Packages Explained

Living in the age of technology has given us the privilege to do most works with the help of computers. We are going to talk about a similar aspect of technology in our daily lives. Yes, we will talk about the construction software packages these days. But here we will be concerned about Australian construction software in particular. Before going further, let us talk about the construction software packages in brief. 

What is a construction software package?

The construction software package is a bundle of software programs that are designed to perform numerous tasks related to building and assembly. Building construction and the other works related to it are quite tough and there are several other complications involved in it. In earlier days, these works were done by the project managers, project architects, design engineers, construction managers, etc. But now with the help of such a software bundle, all these works can be done very easily. 

Speaking of the present situation, a large number of contractors are using such software bundles to maximize their efficiency. This article is to help all those business owners who are seeking a software solution for more efficiency. All the later sections of this article will tell you about some of the best Australian construction software that you can choose from. 

Best Australian Construction Software to go for


This name is quite old in this genre. It is one of Australia’s biggest software developing companies. If you are looking for a software bundle to make your contractor business simple, SimPRO is the best one. With over 150,000 users coming from different parts of the world and 5 offices, this company has gained quite a reputation. This software has been made to comply with all your needs associated with the construction business like managing the service, your project works, maintenance, etc. The biggest advantage is you can do all these things without using a single piece of paper. 

Choosing such software is not only green but it would also keep all your essential documents safe. This is because the software that we are talking about is a fully cloud-based software bundle. All your documents and other records are saved on the cloud hence you can access them from wherever you want. The only thing that you need is a proper infrastructure to access the internet. 

This Australian software package is full of features that would help you to track the progress of managing your tasks, making reports and bills, etc. 


Trackem is also one of the best options that you can choose from when it comes to construction project software. A lot of resources are wasted in the process of constructing something. People managing the project don’t care much about saving the resources. But such a situation is always a bad investment on the firm’s part. So, Trackem was designed to consider all such wastage associated with the operation, maintenance, and other tasks. 

Due to such an important role that it can play in reducing the losses that a firm may suffer, it became popular very quickly. This software has high utility for the industries involving mining. The software package will help you a lot in helping you control the assets, time, and material. With all these things combined, the efficiency of your firm will increase. 

This too is a cloud-based software that would relinquish you from the tedious task of managing the paper works. If your construction work is related to the field of mining, this Australian software package is going to help you a lot. 


Now we have come to another impressive software for this purpose. When it comes to the best LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software for buildings, eTool is the first name that comes to our minds. Not only in Australia but eTool is popular all around the world. Everyone knows how effective this software has been in getting sustainable outputs from construction. 

The main motive behind developing eTool was to shape the building construction to reduce the side effects on our planet. eTool delivers a lot of services that are for helping you in your construction, development of the property, and managing the resources. With the use of eTool, the designers get an edge over others as they can make great designs at the lowest possible cost. 

This Australian construction software will help you a lot in constructing efficient buildings that have the least effect on the environment. 


This is an amazing piece of software that would help you get the best estimates about your construction projects. Along with that, all the other essential tools are also there to help you manage the business. Constructor was developed to help the new businesses grow at a fast pace. The package offers different software inclined towards saving your time. It can play an important role in the development of new businesses. 

Whenever someone starts a new business, they make a lot of mistakes and more time is required to compensate for those mistakes. And if someone goes wrong in the estimation, the outcomes can never be much beneficial. With the help of the constructor, you can very easily avoid all the faults mentioned above. Most of the tedious tasks like managing the resources and making estimations will be done by your software. Now, you will have enough time in your hands to make strategies for your business. 


Buildlogic is a one-time solution if you have a construction business. This software bundle is equipped with all the essential facilities from start to end. Buildlogic will help you a lot in doing things like managing the invoices, contracts, and your subcontractors, etc. 

And the biggest advantage of using this software is that you can integrate it with XERO and MYOB. Once you integrate it, you can access several essential documents like the timesheets and others via your phone too. Such facilities are enough to save a lot of time. With the help of such an Australian construction software, you can do all the necessary things from wherever you want. 

Final thoughts

We have discussed some of the finest Australian construction software available in the market. Choosing the right one does not depend solely on the ratings rather your requirements play an important role in making the final decision. 

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