Business Advantages of Having A Diverse Workplace

Everyone in Australia knows that diversity is important for us all. For most people, this idea is ground into their heads the first time their kindergarten teachers shuffle their seats away from their best friends. kindergarten teacher did this for a reason. This was done to make sure that everyone in the classroom has a chance to talk to everyone else. 

Your Australian businesses can benefit from doing the equivalent of this for a reason as well. There are a number of specific and proven advantages that businesses can obtain by hiring a variety of ages, genders, and races. 

In this article, we will discuss just three of the more common advantages that you will notice. These are;

  • Diversity increases business productivity
  • A diverse workplace increases creativity
  • Diversity improves communication with other cultures

Let’s now discuss each business advantage in more detail.

Diversity increases business productivity

Hiring people from different backgrounds increases the chances that you are going to get a group that has a diversity of skills as well. This is very important because having many different skills on your team allows people to focus on what they do best and leave the rest of the work to people who do that part of the work best. 

By having everyone working on what they specialise in, you can get better products faster through a network effect. There are many studies that show diversity leads to increased profitability.

A diverse workplace increases creativity

When your team is brainstorming, it may often feel like you’re hitting a wall of the same ideas over and over again. This can be unproductive and frustrating. If you are brainstorming with other people and they are too similar to you, this problem can manifest as well. However, if you are working on a team that has people who have different backgrounds and ways of thinking than you, then you might be able to stumble upon an idea that you would not have originally thought of. 

Having diversity of people and ideas will inevitably result in disagreements because everyone is going to have their own way of looking at a situation or problem. This is helpful for brainstorming and creativity because when there are disagreements in the group, you can’t just ignore them. 

You have to actually think about a person’s idea and tell that person why it won’t work in order to dismiss it. When you are forced to think about a person’s idea, you might realise that it will actually work or become used to thinking from another person’s perspective. This then increases the likelihood that you will be able to come up with a viable solution.

Diversity improves communication with other cultures

English speaking countries are not the only market that your business might be dealing with. If you are trying to sell a product overseas, it’s going to be tremendously helpful to have someone that knows the language and the culture of your attempted target market.

With the benefits of this person’s input, you can make your advertising more effective and your product more useful to people who speak a different language other than English. If everyone on your team is like you and doesn’t speak the language, then you’ll miss out on this advantage of increased communication skills and knowledge.

Advantages of having a diverse workplace

Again, those three advantages for an Australian business adopting a more diverse workplace, are;

  • Diversity increases business productivity
  • A diverse workplace increases creativity
  • Diversity improves communication with other cultures

All the best in focusing on diversity among your employees, and building a great team within a diverse workplace!

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