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5 Best Australian Personal Finance Software Products You Should Try

It could be just knowing where your money has been spent. It could be working out how to invest the money you haven’t spent. It could even be paying your kids to do their chores. There are a number of Australian personal finance software products out there that can help, no matter what your goal.

Did you know that Australian household debt has kept growing, and has more than doubled since 1995? This detailed article over on Finder paints a very grim picture indeed.

To help change this trend, this article takes you through five of the best Australian personal finance software products that we believe you should try out.

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Get stock market data

Want to invest in the stock market? Simply Wall St gives you an incredible amount of information on over 75,000 stocks, and they analyse these every six hours.

The team sat Simply Wall St even have a free plan with some restrictions, for those just starting out in the stock exchange world.

Get paid for chores, or save some money

Moroku have a wide range of financial iteracy products, designed to help people understanding money and saving better. Their Moroku Smart Saver app helps 20 somethings to save not spend and is integrated into their bank for live payments. Customers set goals, take challenges and answer quizzes for reward and competition.

Need the dishes or vaccuming done? Their ChoreScout app lets parents set chores around the home. As the children complete the chores, they receive their allowances, transferred from mum and dad’s bank account into theirs, which can then be used to save for goals such as skateboards and Lego or converted into cash.

Split that bill!

It can be a pain when you go out with friends for a meal or drinks, and then everyone has to scratch around for the exact money. No more! Finch is a beautifully designed mobile app that was created to fix this issue, and encourage millennials to track where their ‘fun money’ is actually going.

We believe that Finch is a fantastic example of Australian personal finance software that can really help Australians!

Where’s all your money?

Love logging in to 15 different financial institutions, and running reports in Excel? Nope, nor do we! The team at Money Brilliant have created an app that shows you all of your money, in one handy spot.

Connecting your accounts enables you to get a complete view of your money that will help you understand where you really stand. Connect bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, superannuation and even loyalty cards.

Making budgeting a breeze

Pocketbook has over 700,000 Australians using their very handy app, to set budgets, see balances and look at transactions. By doing this, they give you actionable insights in better ways to save that hard earned money.

Best part is, it is FREE to use Pocketbook to see your financial transactions in the one place, minimise bank fees and late payment penalties, and keep you on track of your budgets and savings goals.


There you have it! There are our picks for the 5 best Australian personal finance software products and apps that we believe you should try out. Often all it takes is a little bit of help, and we can all be saving more, and spending wisely.


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