Top scheduling applications

Top Scheduling Applications for Your Meetings or Appointments

Without the top scheduling applications available, finding the right time to meet with someone can be a frustrating experience. All of the email ping pong; back and forth communications trying to find an opening, or finding the ideal time for you and others to catch up. This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid all of this back and forth. Can you meet at this time? No how about this? No that doesn’t work for me. Well I can’t meet on this date. Back and forth and back and forth it goes, usually by email or sometimes by text.

I want to share with you three of my favorite meeting scheduling software tools that can help you make booking your next meeting so much easier to do. They all embrace the benefits of SaaS licensing too, so nothing to install or have trouble with. So, let’s get things kicked off right now, with no delay.


My favourite of these top scheduling applications is Calendly. So what does Calendly do? Well it does a number of things but what I think Calendly does best is it allows you to set up a few simple rules you tell Calendly when you are available and it will allow you to share that time either via link via embedding it into your website. And that probably where you’ve seen or even used Calendly before is where you’ve gone to someone’s website and they say “yeah I’d love to talk “want to set up a meeting with me just click this link “and I’ll share with you my availability.”

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The great thing with this tool and many of the others that we’re looking at today is that it will adjust the time zone accordingly. It doesn’t matter where the other person is in the world they can view it in their own local time zone. This is really helpful for someone like me, who often speaks to Africa one day and the USA the following.

Calendly embedded on your website is perfect if you want to start a conversation with prospects. This is the first part of your sales funnel and you want to allow people to book their own time. Again dependent on your own rules. You tell it what your availability is like, and you can have repeating time slots and days within your week that you would like to be available as an ongoing concern, and then Calendly makes it much easier.


Second of my top scheduling applications, is Zynq. So how does Zynq work? As the Zynq website puts it so eloquently, they automatically picks the best time & room for meetings.

This tool just automatically chooses the perfect time for meetings, so your team or group can be as productive with their days as possible. Just about the only thing you need to do, is put some professional clothes on, and get ready for your meeting.


Lastly in my 3 top scheduling applications, let’s take a look at Doodle which is a fantastic group meeting scheduler. If you are working with a small team whether you want to use this internally or you can do it with other members externally as well. If you want to give a variety of people an option to vote or select the ideal time. So again I think Doodle is best when you’re working with multiple people. This software just makes it a breeze to allow others in your group to schedule things and communicate that across multiple people in no time at all. Bliss.

Remember that scheduling your day does not need to be a huge burden, in fact using these top scheduling applications, it can be very simple. All the best of luck finding the right top scheduling applications for your needs!


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