12 customer service hacks

We all know and appreciate how important customer service is for the average business. It takes great customer service to go from mediocre to awesome. In this article, let’s discuss 12 customer service hacks that will ensure you have a happier customer base and an enthusiastic team within your business.

12 Proven Customer Service Hacks for Happier Customers

The first of our customer service hacks, is to define the one word or one sentence that describes what you want to be known for. What’s your single word or short phrase that you want to be referred to? For example, amazing, passionate, clever, etc. What word would you like your customers to use when they think of you?

Number two hack is create your own customer service legend. What is your very best customer service story and does everyone in the team know about it? That’s the legend you want to create, and the level you want everyone to aspire to.

Number three in our customer service hacks is to be a role model for others. Nobody should require a specific role or title, when it comes to customer service. Anyone in the team can step up and be a role model for everyone to admire. Be sure to always set a good example for all of the people that are around you.

Number four hack is pay attention to what your customers are saying, even when they aren’t talking directly to you. As an example, I was at a cafe that gave away cookies, and I mentioned the person that I was standing next to how great it would be if they were warm cookies. Well, the cafe waitperson overheard this and within minutes, they had warm cookies brought out to where we were sitting. Always be on the lookout for opportunities to surprise your customers with things.

Our fifth in our list of customer service hacks is to use social media to monitor what your customers say about you. Also, you should always make sure to respond to them; the key is to manage all channels and respond quickly. You should take advantage of positive comments and publicly acknowledge and fix any complaints.

Halfway, in sixth place, is to allow people to experiment. Now, this is another way of saying give employees the power to try and do new things. This can be scary for someone in management, however that’s especially true in the world of customer service. The outcome should be favourable for the customer, and not hurt the company financially or legally.

It should always enhance the relationship with the customer. Be sure that there’s a record of what experiments work best. It’s a great opportunity to share best practices with others within the business.

Number 7 in our dozen customer service hacks, is to stick with the customer service basics. With all the cool technology and CRM software, etc please don’t forget the basics of great customer service. You still have to hire right, train right and manage right to have the perfect customer-focused culture.

Number eight is create a learning environment. If you let people experiment and they’re truly empowered, then there should be plenty to learn from the success and the failures of your employees. Make a point to celebrate it and encourage people to learn from their successes and their failures by sharing these lessons with everyone within your team.

Ninth place in our customer service hacks, is to create a customer service board, which is made up of your customers. This is like an advanced focus group, where you bring a few of your customers together on a regular basis, to get their feedback and brainstorm ideas.

Always ensure that you compensate them properly if they’re going to give you their time. You should do something nice for them, which could be as simple as just taking them all out for a nice dinner or having a drink with them after the meeting.

Hack number 10 is be active within your community. You should always be visible, and contribute to the community in various ways. This really doesn’t have to be just the local community either; the company’s market defines the scope of the community which you should be supporting.

Lucky number eleven in our dozen customer service hacks is that customer experience is more than just customer service. It used to be that customer service was the entire experience. Well, that’s changed and it’s created a great opportunity beyond the actual interaction that you have with your customer while you’re doing business with her.

Our very last tip is to de-commoditise your business. Many businesses end up caught in the commodity trap, when they sell the same goods and services as their competitors, and other than price the customer doesn’t really see any compelling reason to do business with one company over the other. This is where your customer service becomes the key advantage you can use to distance yourself from the competition. If you deliver great customer service that provides an obviously better overall customer experience, then you’ll win at the game.


Always be asking yourself this question – why should someone do business with me instead of my competition?

My suggestion is to not work and do all 12 of these customer service hacks at once. Start by taking just one or two of them, and implement them and review before going onto the next hacks. You can make a huge difference in the way you deliver great customer service in no time at all – good luck!

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