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Cradle Accounting

Lease accounting done right

  • 5 January 2021

Automate your companies compliance with the lease accounting standard AASB 16. Input the contractual data,…

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What Are Chatbots and How They Can Help Businesses

What Are Chatbots and How They Can Help Businesses

Living in the twenty first century, there are so many daily things that are now done with the help of computers. A chatbot is one such invention in computing that is making our lives easier. Everyone reading this blog must have encountered a chatbot. In case you are wondering what are chatbots, this article is […]

Five Tips for Growing A Business Sustainably in 2021

Five Tips for Growing A Business Sustainably in 2021

Growing a business in 2021 will have its challenges like any other year; coming off the back of a recession, the first one in Australia for over twenty years. Even so, you can grow a business sustainably in 2021. For software vendors, this may become a boon time as more and more employees work from […]

How Software Can Help Improve Workplace Safety

How Software and Technology Can Help Improve Workplace Safety

All the organisations are run by the workers. While those workers are putting all their efforts into the growth of the organisation, their safety should be of paramount importance. When someone is working in a company, their health and safety should be precisely taken care of, and you should focus to improve workplace safety. Hundreds […]

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